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What is a Managed Email Campaign?

Many of our clients don’t have the time or the experience to run effective email campaigns that produce results for their businesses. That’s where Wired’s Campaign team come in. Our team have the experience to not only understand and implement campaigns on your behalf but create strategic plans and objectives to help drive the businesses brand and sales, producing a healthy ROI.

View our Infographic of our
Lead Generation Process

Why should you let us manage your campaigns?
As, It’s our day job, and also:

  • Cost effective
  • Increase sales and brand awareness through expert management
  • Inside Knowledge and Feedback from a specialist email agency
  • Enterprise level system for delivery and reports
  • Strategic help matched to your marketing and business aims
  • Specific campaigns to your business. We don't do one size fits all Campaigns

5 steps to managed campaign happiness
+ we’ll be with you all the way.

Step 1 - Strategic review and Business Understanding

Step 2 - Data management and Segmentation Creation

Step 3 - Template and Creative Development

Step 4 - Campaign Send with split testing and trigger actions

Step 5 - Campaign Analysis and Interpretation

WHY WE KNOW that managed email campaigns will work for your business.

Increase your deliverability rate by making sure you are using the correct certifications when sending through a professional email marketing system.

We make sure specific keywords and content are not getting caught in firewalls and spam filters.

Improve your email design and email rendering with a professional service - more people will view the email and interact with the call to action therefore increasing conversion.

Gain a wider understanding of your reports and metrics with our expert advice. Understand what the vast array of statistics means to you and learn how to act on this information with future marketing.

Have more staff time available for other initiatives.

Add the highest caliber email marketing expertise to your team without increasing your payroll.

Draw on more and broader email marketing experience with seasoned professionals guiding you.

Spend MORE time on strategy and planning and LESS on implementation.

Enjoy a solution that automatically scales with your growth.

Know you’re working with the best email service provider for your business.

And ultimately, improve your email marketing ROI!