10 Signs That Your Employee is Amazing

Finding a great employee can often be an expensive and time consuming task. After you’ve been through the recruitment process you need to nurture your staff – to get the best out of them, and make your effort worthwhile.

Some employees just get it straight away. They’ll push your business forward in ways you wouldn’t have thought of.

Here we look at ten traits of fantastic employees that an employer should recognise and reward (or if you aren’t an employer, just an employee, you can see where you can improve):

1. They learn all the ins and outs of your business.

Your employee understands they’re part of something bigger and more worthwhile than the job they were hired for. They look to learn other areas of the business, to help them in their role, whilst impacting multiple areas of the company.

What can you do: Invest in material and seminars on business basics (like accounting, marketing and management), so that all employees have an easy way to learn and grow.

2. Steward the company.

An old boss used to say to me: ‘the way to understand and grow a business is by putting yourself in the shoes of the Director’ – and good employees will do this. They look to make decisions about opportunities with the long term future of the business in mind.

What can you do: Be transparent – the more you share your philosophy and financial information, the easier it is for employees to understand your business decisions.

3. Create opportunities for the business

Employees who don’t work in sales or marketing can still help your business grow. Strong networkers from all sides of the company see growth as a collective effort and keep their eyes open for opportunities.

What can you do: Make sure your employees understand your value proposition and can identify opportunities.

4. Nip issues in the bud

Amazing employees are always looking for ways to improve procedures, before you even noticed something was wrong with them.

What can you do: Give your employees a clear vision of where the company is going and encourage them to take initiative. This will make your employees feel safe and empowered to make a change.

5. Honesty

Good employees understand that hiding bad news helps no one. Honesty is always the best policy, and they find ways to bring uncomfortable information to the surface before any major damage is done.

What can you do: Create an open environment where people are given permission to tell the truth.

6. Show high standards in everything they do

It’s nice being able to trust an employee with a task, and know that it would be done to the same standard if you would’ve done it yourself. Not everyone can do this without constant attention. Amazing employees will drive their own high standards.

What can you do: Set a high example with minimal drama. Reward those who can execute task in the same way.

7. Encourage others

Amazing employees not only drive their own success, but embolden others to do the same. These employees lead by example without creating animosity or resentment. They see their own future, and bring others along for the ride.

What can you do: Encourage personal development and growth through training for career advancement.

8. Learn and apply

No employer should expect their staff to know everything. Choose employees who are willing to learn. The best employees proactively explore options, take action and then improve without direction.

What can you do: Invest your time in expansive thinking. Encourage your people to research new projects and find the time to reward their findings.

9. Happiness

No one is constantly happy. Amazing employees understand how to balance the blend of life and work, whilst still exuding positive energy in stressful situations.

What can you do: Create an environment where you r staff feel free to express themselves.

10. Understand their boss

Amazing employees make you grow as an employer. They get their own satisfaction from the job and help you get yours as well.

What can you do: Make an effort to show appreciation so that people feel their value and will grow to their full potential. They will then do the same for you.

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How do you encourage your employees to be amazing? Let us know in the comments below.

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