10 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is so vast, the options and opportunities that we now have at our fingertips enable us to make anything possible through this flexible medium.

In this article we will explore 10 tips that we have written to assist you in outputting effective email marketing, which will not only engage your target audience but will promote trust that in time we will turn in to loyalty.


Check out these 10 tips that we have written to support effective email marketing.

  1. Avoid being creepy. Personalisation is a great tool to portray familiarity and encourage trust, but over using a persons name is likely to push them away. Don’t be too open about the information you have collected about them, this will only raise concerns.
  2. Be supportive. Empathise with your audience, guide, support and help them. Often customers and prospects are looking for a solution to their problems and you have the knowledge to assist their needs.
  3. Give to receive. Share a useful tip and inspire your audience, whether that be through games, guides, loyalty or discount codes. Understand what makes them happy and provide them with incentives.
  4. Stop talking to your list. Write as if you’re emailing only one individual. It will help your audience feel important and will make your emails seem personal and selective.
  5. Don’t waste time. Only email when you have content to share which is valuable or helpful, time is precious and you want to uphold a useful brand identity.
  6. Be useful. Supply your audience with engaging, relevant and informative content that supports their needs and goals, not just your own. Be helpful and generous.
  7. Use your real name as your ‘from address’. Using your name allows your emails to be more personal and provide your audience with a specific individual to respond to.
  8. Be trustworthy. Be clear when prospects sign up. Let people know what to expect. Include the types of content you will send, how often, and what their data will be used for.
  9. Be Creative. Use dynamic content, videos, images and Gifs to help engage your audience.
  10. Be Accessible. Be aware that people often want to interact with their emails on the go therefore you must be prepared and optimised for all devices.


Find out more about how you can use email marketing effectively and create a conversational messaging approach.


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