10 Ways to make your customers happy

Good customer service is usually based on one simple thought process: treat the customer how you would be expected to be treated. Whilst this may seem like common sense for most, it doesn’t come naturally to all business owners.

Some business owners will need to change their mentality: if you’re used to doing business in a cut throat sector where you need to battle to close a deal, you may not want to treat your customers in the same way.

Even if you believe you give great customer service, have a read over these tips and see if you’ve missed anything.

Here is a guide on how to give good customer service:

1. Lead by example

Great customer service begins with you. If you, as the boss, ignore or show indifference to your customers, your employees will do the same. Likewise if you are thoughtful and considerate, your employees will follow.

2. Create core values

Create a list of 10 core values that include your customer service ideals. Share these with your employees, have your employees take these on board and evaluate your employees based on the values.

3. Your employees are your customers

Employees who feel like part of a team will represent your company well. Treat employees as you would customers; they’ll feel important and will go the extra mile.

4. Consider the long term

Short term sales incentives can undermine customer satisfaction. Create a program that focuses on the long term that will reward wide-ranging improvements.

5. Build trust

Show that you care. Using a customer’s name during a sales process can dramatically improve conversions. Don’t focus on selling your product, sell your brand.

6. Listen to your customers

The best salesperson spends time listening, and not talking. Ask open ended questions to find customer needs and wants. When you can identify what they want, you can turn the sales process into something that is focussed on them.

7. It’s the little things

Small gestures that attends to customer’s needs can help win them over, for example, offer a cold glass of water on a hot day, or give children crayons and paper to keep them occupied when mum and dad are shopping.

8. Help, even if you can’t

If your store doesn’t have an item in stock, but you know someone that does, tell the customer. This shows that you’re not focused on sales, but instead you’re focused on helping however you can.

9. Show appreciation

Consider creating a loyalty scheme for your customers; send a thank you note after completing a deal, or mark the anniversary of a customer’s first purchase with a discount code.

10. Don’t forget your existing customers

Good customer service isn’t all about winning over new customers; you also need to concentrate on the existing ones. Keep track of customer’s preferences and try to personalise the shopping experience to them, give existing customers different discounts or invite them to have a sneak peak of your product before the general public.

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