Be a Gracious Leader in 12 Simple Steps

The cutthroat world of business expects people to be aggressive and strong leaders in order to get ahead and promote their business further.

The focus on becoming successful often doesn’t allow any room for you to be human. Here are 12 leadership qualities paired with their gracious counterparts. Find the combination that works for you so that others will perceive and respect you as a gracious and inspirational leader.

1. Empathise

People will follow you if you show that you know what you’re doing and where you are going. But not everyone follows at the same speed. Show empathy with others by seeing the road from their perspective and help them along the way.

2. Forgive

Good leaders manage their time well and respect other people’s timekeeping skills. But of course, everyone gets busy and distracted sometimes. When one is late, find out the root cause of the problem before assuming that person is being disrespectful. Then make the point and move on.

3. Be humble

You should take pride in your accomplishments and strive for achievement. But people don’t like others who brag. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves and show humility.

4. Show your human side

Most jobs are completed efficiently through serious focused discipline. But not everyone can go hell for leather without stopping. Let people be people – they need to relax and recharge their batteries. Show your human side and show them you can have fun.

5. Show Recognition

One should accept praise when it is given. But hogging the limelight does not inspire your followers. Share the spotlight and the journey – allow everyone to participate and enjoy the rewards.

6. Be Discreet

Great leaders step out to the front and take charge of the action. Not every conflict is a full on battle though. Determine the correct time and energy for the situation and apply it appropriately. Your team needs to be fresh and alert; ready for the big battles ahead.

7. Show Thoughtfulness

Being ready for anything is advantageous, and a good leader knows how to shake things up to get their team excited. But good leaders also know that people gain strength from a certain level of predictability. They value leaders who consider all the options before heading into the unknown.

8. Consider others

You’re successful because you know how to drive your own success. But people will follow because they believe, and just telling them your way is the right way is sometimes not enough. Demonstrate how your choices will affect their performance. Consider that your life experiences will be different and help them understand the correct interpretation.

9. Show your compassionate side

Most great leaders are not in that position because they are negligent or lazy. They provide structure for success and make sure boundaries are clearly marked. If too many people break down these barriers then all hell will break loose. But people are naturally well intended. Failure needs to be approached with compassion. Help wrongdoers find their way to happiness and success.

10. Be grateful

Leaders are constantly giving – their time, knowledge, energy, motivation and insights. The more they give the more success the team achieves. To feel worthwhile the team needs to understand how they are appreciated. A grateful leader has a loyal following.

11. Listen and then appreciate

Listening is important but leaders may need to dismiss what was said sometimes. Listening is not demonstrated by simply saying yes every time. Artful leaders make their followers feel appreciated for simply sharing they view.

12. Step back

The most gracious and powerful leaders are those who understand when to take a step back and let the most appropriate person lead.

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