3 Clever Features from Pinterest’s New Design

The new Pinterest isn’t that much different from the old Pinterest (pictured above), but the new design includes a few neat little details to keep users engaged.

Of course, Pinterest’s big bright grid layout is here to stay, and it’s hard to imagine them departing from it any time soon.

More ways to discover

One of the best things about Pinterest is the simplicity of finding new content. If like me you get stuck in a Pinterest hole for hours on end (‘’OMG I did NOT know that even existed! I want one! Ooh, what’s that over there?’’), you’ll know how easy it is to jump from one Pin to another.

This is the aim of the new redesign. If users can find content more easily, they’ll stay engaged and will keep returning to Pinterest. This is similar to Facebook’s recent redesign that features bigger and brighter pictures.

Now, when you click an individual Pin, you will see a mini grid to the right relating to the Pin you have chosen to view. This allows you the browse similar Pins whilst remaining where you are on the page.

pinterest new look


Bigger pins

A lovely new feature within the redesign is the resizing of Pins. There is less border around the Pins on the main title board and each image is displayed bigger. Images are also larger on individual Pin pages too.

This allows the user to view the image in a higher resolution, whilst highlighting the content. It will allow you to view the content without taking you away from the Pinterest page.

This changes how Pinterest works slightly. People think of Pinterest, they think of pictures. This redesign is a small shift toward being a site that focuses on featuring products instead of one that is used as a big scrapbook.

pinterest new sharing


Anchored browsing

This again is a small change, but something that makes the site more user-friendly. One problem with the constant stream of data that Pinterest offers is keeping track of where you are. Hitting the ‘back’ button takes you to the top of the stream, undoing your process and annoying the life out of you.

Now, hitting the ‘back’ button takes you to where you were in the stream, resolving that very specific frustration.

What do you think of the new Pinterest design? Let us know in the comments below.

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