3 Quick ways to reduce stress

Being a business owner or manager is stressful. You’ll have the usual worries of long term projects, employee issues, and the day to day running of your business. But how can you control the stress that you’re under right this moment?

You may have a deadline looming or a crisis you’re trying to avert and your stress levels are rising daily. You’re feeling tired and stressed, which doesn’t make you a nice person and you can’t think straight. All you need to do is relax, and you need to do it now.

Psychologists understand how to handle these situations and have created 3 quick ways to reduce stress. Simply know your ABC’s:

     -   Awareness

You’re probably already aware about what is making you anxious or stressed, but sometimes the situations, psychical signs, and emotions that accompany anxiety aren’t as obvious as you may think. Try to keep a form of ‘anxiety diary’. Jot down what you’re doing, and where you are when you feel anxious or stressed. This can be in your phone or on paper. When you’re in a calmer environment analyse what prompted those emotions, and how you can handle them.

     -   Breathing

When you’re anxious, you’ll often take short, shallow breaths. Make a conscious effort to take control of your breathing, which sends a message back to your brain. Your breathing should be slower and deeper. Count slowly whilst breathing, and put your hand on your stomach to feel the breath moving in and out.

     -   Calming thoughts

It’s very easy to say ‘Just think calming thoughts!’ when you’re not under pressure. And when that stressful situation does arise, that last thing you want to do is try to calm yourself down. The key is to prepare your calming thoughts in advance. Say to yourself something as simple as ‘Calm down!’, but make sure your thoughts are something you believe in – or they won’t work. Find which words work best for you.


These techniques may not help you in the moment, but noticing the problem and addressing it is the first step. Then, when you’re stressed again, you can implement what you have learnt about yourself.

But, you’re a business owner or a leader – your life will never be stress free; you just need to know how to handle those moments when they do occur.

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