30 Brands that Wired loves

Branding is one of the most important areas of a business. A good brand can make or break your company, and needs to clearly explain why your company is the solution to your customer’s problems.

When a person hears the company‘s name, they should immediately conjure up an image of your brand and what you stand for. Here at Wired HQ, we’ve compiled a list of 30 brands that we think does this really well.


Their branding is consistent across all social media channels, their website, and their products. Some of these brands are breaking down the stereotypical ideology of what a brand should be. In this new social age, personality and innovative techniques and conversations are the way forward, as consumers are looking to connect with brands on a personal level.

Take a look at their website, and their social media profiles, to understand why we love them.

1. Innocent Drinks. We love their friendly and down to earth tone with resonates across all of their communications.Innocent-Drinks-Logo
2. Nakd Bars. These bars are yummy AND healthy for you. Their packaging is super cute, and we love how clear and easy it is to read.
3. Dropbox. Dropbox stick to clear, understandable images, which adds to their user experience.
4. Lush Cosmetics. Lush focus on ethically sourced products, that are not tested on animals. And for that alone we love them.
5. ASOS. ASOS focus on providing modern and on trend products to men and women, and have grown substantially over the last few years.
6. Oreo. Oreos are simple yet effective – and taste amazing with a cup of tea. Their social media campaigns includes a variety of ways to eat Oreos, adding value on top of their ‘normal’ products.
7. Whole Foods. This supermarket stands out by offering fresh and healthy foods, with simple designs.graze_logo
8. Graze. Graze are one of a kind, and send healthy snacks in neat little boxes to your workplace or your home.
9. Glossybox. Glossybox work in similar way to Graze. They send boxes of beauty samples each month. Their brand is one of a kind.
10. Yo! Sushi. Yo! Sushi are another down to earth and friendly brand. They have a sense of humour and it’s reflected in their communication.
11. Wagamama. Wired loves Wagamama. Not only is their food yummy, but they host great competitions on their social media pages to engage followers.
12. Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees use their ‘bee’ theme across all of their communication, which reinforces their brand.
13. Boohoo. Boohoo focus on fashion at affordable prices. The down to earth tone that they use, helps followers engage.
14. Not On The High Street. This online community offers products that are not historically available on your average high street, and uses their communication to highlight products and their expertise.
15. Cadbury. Everyone knows of Cadbury, and their easily recognizable products and brand colours epitomize how brands should be.
16. Duracell. Not many people could name a battery brand, but Duracell’s fluffy pink bunny makes them one of the industry leader.
17. Heinz. Heinz, and it’s massive variety of condiments, is one of the UK’s most recognisable brands. They have a long history in this country, and at this stage in their branding, they’re very well known for what they do.
18. Virgin. Virgin are one of the world’s biggest brands, but their notoriety is mainly down their businessman owner Richard Branson. That man is a brand in his own right, so it’s no wonder Virgin have succeeded.
19. Costa Coffee. Costa Coffee stand out in the sea of coffee chains. They’re known for their great coffee, their red cups, and their innovative products.
20. Pret A Manger. Pret offer great quality, free from chemicals food, for the person on the go. They have strong morals regarding chemicals, and this is obvious.TGI Fridays logo 250x180
21. TGI Friday’s. TGI Friday’s has a strong brand, and they use it very well. The American diner theme is very popular in the UK, and offers something that the UK doesn’t produce itself – and how good is the JD sauce?
22. Build A Bear. Build A Bear have tapped into a marketplace that was previously unknown here in the UK. This brand succeeds simply because they don’t have much competition, and their products are fab.
23. Jelly Belly. Jelly Belly sell interesting and unusual flavour jelly beans, alongside traditional flavours. They market their USP very well by promoting their ‘recipes’ online, and in their packaging.
24. GHD. The GHD brand was made popular by their innovative hair straighteners, and whilst the competition has increased, they are still one of the market leaders. The brand continues to introduce new products, which ensures they remain in the public eye.
25. Compare The Market. As CTM are part of such a competitive industry, they’ve used a different technique for their branding – the meerkat. No one can deny that CTM was innovative and unheard of – they even launched a false website to run alongside their ad campaign, and their additional efforts paid off.
26. Vitamin Water. We really like how Vitamin Water use their social media account to push their brand. They use the hashtag #makeboringbrilliant in their posts, which shows they have a sense of humour and understand their audience and their own product.
27. Marmite. You’ll either love their brand or you’ll hate it. We love it. Social media has allows marmite to expand into new areas, and they encourage users to interact by posting images of themselves using products, and they also link out to other social sites, such as Pinterest.
28. Zumba Fitness. You may not know this, but Zumba Fitness is one of the fastest growing brands of the last few years. Their unique brand is popular around the world, and is loved by fitness fanatics.gupuds1
29. Gu puds. Gu Puds are breaking the pudding mold. In a world that is obsessed with health and fitness, Gu are aiming for the opposite. They encourage customers to give into temptation, and this is what makes this brand stand out. They don’t shy away from the truth about their products, instead they promote them for what they are – super indulgent and yummy.
30. Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat market their brand in a similar way to Gu Puds. Their product is rich and of a high quality, and this is how they sell it. They are known for being a luxurious brand, and their social media activity and website reflect that.

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