4 Great marketing landing pages analysed

When using landing pages as part of your email marketing strategy, there are some important points that you just cannot forget. Your headline needs to stand out and explain what’s going on on the page, your content needs to be formatted correctly, your call to action needs to pop out of the page and encourage the user to click it.

Landing pages are detrimental in driving conversions and without a successful landing page, your readers may click through from your email, and get lost in the maze that is your website.

Here is a marketing landing page analysis:

1. Breitling

landing page 2

This landing page is by high end watch maker Breitling. This landing page has one clear aim: to get visitors to register to be in with a chance of winning a limited edition watch.

From what I gather from Breitling’s website, they specialise in sturdy, industrial looking watches for the professional man.

This landing page matches the design on their website. They feature large, high quality images on a black back ground with pops of colours to catch the eye. And the landing page is the same.

Whist this landing page is missing some fundamentals of landing page best practice, such as an attention grabbing headline, and a colourful call to action, it does show you what you could win. The one and only image of the watch is enough to encourage you to complete the form. Again, it could be prefilled to help the user path.

2. Charlottesville Medical Research

landing page 4

Whilst some people may not agree with the content of this email, I really like it. It has everything a landing page needs. The form is short and to the point, the headline combined with the image grabs your attention, and the text separated into bullet points helps the reader. The call to action is turquoise against the pink background and stands out.

The landing page also includes simple social sharing icons and a large recognisable logo.

This page does follow a consistent pattern from the website; in fact the landing page is more innovative and encourages action more than the website does.

3. Electron

landing page 6














Electron is actually a landing page service. They offer a ‘clean and responsive landing page with maximum focus on your product’, according to their website, so you would expect this landing page to be good.

This landing page is clear, has bright and obvious call to actions, and social sharing links. However, I wasn’t sure what the product was without checking out their website. They have explained some of the benefits of using them for their landing page templates, but the product itself is not 100% clear.

4. Hardboiled

landing page 7



























This landing page has been designed by ThemeForest and aims to highlight a new app for a mobile device.

I think this landing page is the best of the bunch. The design is innovative, it catches your eye, and the call to action is bright, obvious and above the fold.

The use of the mobile phone and the tablet being held works really well, as a user can picture the app on their own mobile device.

The features and benefits are below the fold and sectioned into smaller paragraphs. Whilst the benefits aren’t 100% clear, the titles are and give an overview before the user has to read the text.


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