5 Body language tips to improve your appeal

Research shows that your body language is one of the first things a stranger will notice. From your body language they will make an internal judgment of you – and you don’t want it to be the wrong one.

Once they’ve made that judgement your body language will convey certain signals to reinforce the impression, whether you’re walking down the street or presenting to an audience.

Here are 5 body language tips to improve the impression:

1. Stand up to show authority

If you’re leading a presentation it’s important to stand up. Standing will show your authority and status. By standing you immediately appear taller (even if you’re not!) which will allow you to gain authority. And if you move around when stood, you will further reinforce your authority.

2. Take off your jacket when collaborating

If you’re a leader, taking off your jacket and choosing a seat in the middle of the conference table projects a message of informality. When leading a meeting, lean forward, make eye contact and look engaged when someone else is speaking, or coming up with ideas.

3. Eat meals with your team

When eating, your glucose levels rise, which regulates prejudice and aggressive behaviours, making the overall environment calmer. In addition, when individuals eat together, they mimic movements, which creates positive feelings towards other people and the discussion.

4. Uncross your arms

One of the most common defensive mechanisms is crossing your arms. The human brain takes more notice of negative signals than positive ones, and your observer will be perceiving a negative vibe if you’re crossing your arms. Uncross them and relax.

5. Flash those pearly whites

It can be easy to tell if a smile is fake or genuine. Real enjoyment lights up the entire face, and creates crinkles at the corner of the eyes. When honesty and teamwork is important, we can detect leaders simply through their smile.

Try these 5 body language tips to improve your appeal and leadership abilities.

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