5 Ways to Boost your Brand

Branding – you know it’s important but do you really know what it means for your business?

To be clear, branding isn’t just your logo, website or product. Branding is customer perception of the whole aspect of your business, from your products, how you interact with your market and what they think of your operations.

Here we’ll look at five tips to help you boost your brand and build a loyal customer base whilst boosting revenue.

1. Identify your audience

Understanding your target market is key to providing them with content that will be valuable to them. Do your research to understand the common problems your market faces, how to approach them, and the circles they move in.

Listen to them; research keywords that people use to search for information relating to your product. Look at what your blog visitors and social media followers are saying about various issues in your industry.

2. Stand out in your industry

Produce content that highlights your expertise, to stand out in your niche. Your content should make prospects believe that you can solve problems better than anyone else in your sector.

Keep an eye on your content to ensure you are giving customers what they want. You could even survey customers for suggestions on what type of content they prefer.

3. Provide consistent content

Your content will shape your brand. Adopting a defining voice throughout all your media channels is important to make customers continually recognise and come back to your brand. Your market will guide you on which tone to adopt. As a general rule B2B businesses are better off sticking with formal voices, whilst B2C and C2C can get away with both formal and informal voices.

Identify the main channels through which your market consumes content and show your face there. Be consistent with your messaging across all channels.

4. Use social media

Unless your company is already on its way to achieving world dominance (think Apple or Samsung) then you need to use social media. Find out which social sites your customers prefer, for example, ecommerce stores are showcased well on Pinterest, and follow them there.

Try using a custom URL that is easy to remember for your social accounts. This will help your links get shared as customers will immediately recognise who you are. Create a conversation with your target market to build trust and encourage them to warm to you.

5. Be the brand

Become recognisable and have your own personality. Connect with your competitors, build alliances and cooperate in projects. Reach out to other players in your niche with guest posting requests. You’ll be doing them a favour by creating quality content for your audience, whilst encouraging traffic back to your site.

How do you promote your brand? Let us know below.

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