5th July: Top 10 Tweets of the Week

After a brief break last week, the Top 10 Tweets of the Week is back! As usual, these tweets have been chosen for their great, interesting and relevant content. Please click on the links below to access the tweet to check out the content for yourself. Enjoy!

1. @cunningplanfox






2. @fanfoundry 

For making us giggle on National Joke Day (even if we were a bit slow on the uptake…)





3. @fishcm

We agree :)





4. @hotchilly56

We are VERY glad that email remains king.






5. @marketemr





6. @meshps





7. @seo_exp

seo exp




8. @socialmedia2day

Thanks for including us in your tweetchat. Glad you enjoyed the article.





9. @thecoolestcool

For showing us a fantastic example of a brand apology when email marketing goes wrong.




10. @wly



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