6 Ways to Get Yourself Noticed

Here in Britain we aren’t the best people for blowing our own trumpets and often shirk away from compliments. Here are 6 ways to get yourself noticed effectively in your everyday life and career.


Your results will speak for themselves.

Be proud of yourself, but not in a pompous way. Rather than saying you’re going to do something, show off your results, as this is what will catch people’s attention. Have you solved a problem? Smashed your targets? Been promoted? Achieving something important gives you the right to promote yourself.

Promote others.

People will promote you if you promote them. You will always remember how someone made you feel when speaking to them, rather than what they said. If you make people feel good when speaking to them, they’re more likely to talk about you in a positive way.

Don’t be forceful.

Talk about subjects that you have faith in or believe in. This will give a subtle hint about your accomplishments without shoving them down people’s throats. If your hint isn’t big enough, your listener will ask.

Admit you were wrong.

Admitting you have failed is one of the greatest management skills there is. You can be remarkably intelligent, with lots of qualifications, but if you can’t deal with staff or colleagues on a human level they won’t connect with you.

Hone your skills.

Find a niche and learn your trade. If you are a person that chops and changes jobs or opinions regularly people will be confused about whom you are and what you stand for. Make it clear what it is you’re good at, and people will flock to you.

Brag (a little bit).

Sometimes bragging is allowed, but not all the time. If you do something amazing, tell people about it. Make sure you tell the right people about it though, not just the checkout lady in the supermarket – or your self-promotion will turn people off.


When was the last time you got yourself noticed? Tell us why.

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