7 Shopping Cart Abandonment Remarketing Best Practices

Shopping cart abandonment rates are constantly increasing. Retailers would shudder at the thought of customers coming onto their site, filling up their carts and then deserting them. But never fear, as help is here: follow our helpful guide on our shopping cart abandonment remarketing best practices:

1. Avoid the temptation of sending your follow up emails in one large ‘batch’, by sending real time emails. Ideally these should be sent within 30 minutes of the cart being abandoned.

2. Engage with your consumers in a friendly and personable way. Don’t use ‘no reply’ email addresses as this can put customers off starting a dialogue with you. Encourage your customers to reply and to ask you questions, and of course, help them.

3. Keep it appropriate. Use names and pictures of products that your consumer was interested in. Emails with a high relevance will generate a higher conversion.

4. Use a drip-fed email marketing approach. Once the cart has been abandoned you need to send 3 emails. Send one within 30 minutes, then 24 hours and then 3 days after to get those customers interested again. Campaigns that use 3 emails convert at 26% higher than those with just one email.

5. Don’t let sloppy customer service push away those customers. Have your contact details available clearly and make sure it’s clear that you are there to help.

6. Don’t allow repeat offenders to abuse your remarketing program. Shoppers are becoming more aware of remarketing, so cap the number of discounts an individual will be given.

7. Split your email campaign. Not all customers are the same so offer different offers to different people. Offer more forceful discounts to larger value carts to entice them back to the site.

By using these shopping cart abandonment best practices, hopefully you will see a higher conversion.

Have you tried any of these best practices for your business? Have we missed anything out? Let us know below.

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