7 Tips to Help You Create your own Destiny

Many people moan and whinge about not having the life they want. Many people (and companies) fall short of their own expectations for the same reason: poor planning and execution. Many successful business executives plan their business strategy in detail, but fail to do the same with their lives.

It’s often easier for people to complain and blame outside factors for their lack of accomplishment or unhappiness, than to take time out and work on their life.

Here are 7 tips to create your own destiny.

1. Prepare

As Benjamin Franklin once said: ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. Take time out to examine every aspect of your life – both personal and professional – to achieve integrated success and happiness.

2. Have realistic goals

Your future has to reflect what is physically possible with available resources and limitations. It’s good to aim for the stars, but you’ll know what is sensible for you.  On the other hand, don’t restrict yourself, exploit every opportunity and assets you currently have.

3. Think about Who you want to be

Define Who you want to be, not What you want to be doing. If you know Who you want to be you can focus on what to do, what to own, what resources you’ll need, and in turn you’ll then know what not to do, and things to avoid.

4. Speak your mind

This requires internal strength – or a really honest friend, if you’re working towards your destiny with another person. Don’t beat around the bush, because ultimately you’re lying to yourself. Challenge yourself to get to the truth of who you are and who you wish to be.

5. Use all available tools

Every resource is important. No resources, whether it’s an older idea – like creative visualisation, where you focus on your end goals and see yourself reaching them, or a newer idea – like crowdsourcing, can be useful. Don’t discount them.

6. Ignore the haters

Constructive criticism is good and useful for anyone wanting to achieve more success. But outside negativity that is based on speculation or assumption doesn’t help anyone. Put these people in a box where they can’t distract you. Find people who think like you, who get your idea, and put them in your corner.

7. Don’t settle for less

Of course, some ideas will be too big to achieve for your circumstances, for example, there is no way I could be the next Prime Minister. But you can still push yourself to the limit of your potential.

Many people settle for what is easy, rather than engaging their energy and creativity to create something different and meaningful.

People who take a reactive approach to growth and development will suffer the same fate as companies, managers and employees who let the markets, technology and competitors determine their destiny. The game of life rewards those who use their energy, smarts and creativity to determine the life that truly makes them happy.

How do you control your destiny? Let us know in the comments below:

Pic source: World Pulse

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