7 Tips to Improve Your Email and CRM Integration

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a platform which allows you to manage your company relationships and interactions with prospects and customers. This enables you to track and manage your contacts providing an attentive service and by integrating sales and marketing this helps to increase profitability and productivity.

Here are 7 tips from Wired to Improve Your Email and CRM Integration:

  1. Set your goals and objective

Use SMART objectives to creative clear achievable goals, this will allow you to monitor the success of your integration and you can analyse whether your strategy is working and content is reaching the intended audience effectively.



  1.  Creating a Strategy

When creating your strategy think about what is it you are aiming to achieve, is it to collect data, reach a wider audience, sell a product, attract people to your site, share information etc.? Defining your objective will enable you to create a strategy that uses your most effective and efficient channels and platforms.

  1. Communicate with your team

Having an integrated holistic marketing strategy allows all members of your management, marketing, sales and buying teams to be on a coherent wave length. This enables all teams to work together and have a clear vision of the end goal and the part each aspect of the business has in achieving the target. Effective, direct and positive communication is key to a successful strategy.

Having a CRM system integration shortens physical conversation by storing input data that can be accessed at all times enabling your holistic strategy to work in an efficient manner.

  1. Aesthetics are important

Your emails may have a single chance to woo your audience so making sure that they are aesthetically engaging is important. Making sure your content is visual and splits up your content is important, your ESP can recognise which content has images and was found most engaging. Include imagery, GIFs and be sure that your content is optimised for mobiles and tablets allowing you to engage your audience on the move.

  1. Be meaningful

Contact your clients, customers and prospects at a time which is most convenient for them, and only send content that is relevant to the specific individual.

  1. Track your results

Use your CRM to manage your results to find out if  people are opening, clicking, converting etc. Utilise the features and information you have available, this will then allow you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and then develop your strategy further to improve the success of your business whilst improving your customer experience.

  1. Use segmentation

Use segmentation to personalise your customer experience and get to know their needs and wants through monitoring their movement and behaviours. Using this tool, you can develop focused campaigns that are not only more relevant and personal to the individual but you will have a higher conversion rate as the content is filter and specific to each contact or group.

To learn more, please download our ESP and CRM Integration whitepaper to learn how to take your marketing beyond standard email metrics. Or download the Infographic to see the top 4 steps you should take to integrate your platforms successfully.

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