7 Tips to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

A recent study by Forrester Consulting has shown that 88% of web buyers have abandoned a shopping cart without completing the transaction. Whilst this can be incredibly frustrating for the ecommerce owner, there are good reasons behind it.

We have created this helpful list to explain WHY customers don’t commit there and then, and how to avoid shopping cart abandonment:

1. Window shoppers

The human race is a race of bargain hunters. It’s in our nature to shop around for the best deal and feel like we aren’t being short changed. Customers will compare two websites to check they aren’t being ripped off

2. Shipping costs

Offer coupons for free shipping with higher value carts. Don’t hide the shipping costs until late on in the checkout process; this will put off potential customers.

3. Checkout forms

Make your checkout form simple and straightforward. This can be a long and boring process and you will see your customers abandoning their carts if this page isn’t organised.

4. Lazy logins

Allow your customers to use guest accounts when they order their goods. Setting up new accounts and logging in to old ones is tedious and off putting to returning customers.

5. Pains with payment

Help your customers deal with payment problems by using helpful and intelligent error messaging when something goes wrong.

6. Security concerns

Follow strict payment procedures when dealing with payments. Customers will always be wary when handing over credit card details, so reassure them.

7. Unanswered questions

A simple misunderstanding can turn your customer right off. Make sure your FAQs are obvious and up to date. Your contact details needs to be prominent as well to ensure customers can find their answer quickly.

How else can you stop your site visitors from abandoning their carts? Let us know below. 

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