7 Ways to Acheive Success through Generosity

It’s a common misconception that to strive in this tough business world you need to be determined, strong and take, take, take. Not so. Being altruistic and generous can lead to more productive and high achieving staff.

Here are 7 ways that show the key to success is through generosity:

1. Don’t be selfless

It’s great to give away as much of your talent and share as many of your connections and knowledge as possible. But it’s also important to care about whether or not you’re getting ahead. Self interest and other interest are two completely different motivators. Use both at the same time to achieve your goals.

2. Find a way to see the difference you’re making

There’s only one way to see that you’re making a difference: your customers. Put faces to names, meet your customers, have a real conversation with them. See how your role is making a difference by getting out there and liaising with the people you’re aiming to help.

3. Shift your focus

Stop concentrating on that one thing that drives you, whether that is a target, your salary, or your boss breathing down your neck. Think of something else to focus on, and you’ll see different, and hopefully, more successful results.

4. Give in ‘chunks’

A study found that if your giving is concentrated into a single day each week, rather than spread across a number of weeks, you feel happier. Giving in intense periods, like a full weekend of volunteer work for example, can be more rewarding than a ‘sprinkling’ of giving.

5. Volunteer for 100 hours a year

Studies have shown that people who volunteer for at least 2 hours per week, are happier than those who do fewer hours than that. A study of more than 2000 Australians showed that those who volunteered at least 100 hours a year were happier and more satisfied than those who volunteered less.

6. Volunteer for something meaningful

Volunteering for the sake of it will not make you happy or more productive. When people give because they feel obliged or forced too, they feel no boost of energy and happiness. But when they give out of enjoyment and purpose, they feel much more invigorated.

7. Ask for help from colleagues

People who are under stress tend to come together with other colleagues to give. Colleagues will support you and respect you, as well as strengthening your sense that you’ve made a difference.

How do you give back to others? How has your generosity helped you? Let us know below.

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