7 Ways to make your Tweet viral

To use Twitter effectively, your business should have a social media strategy in place. Twitter has redefined how companies communicate with their customers and other businesses. Viral tweets help bring traffic to your blog or website which in turn can boost subscriber numbers or even result in sales. How can you ensure that your tweets are viral (or retweetable)?

1. They need to be catchy, interesting and informational.

Get your balancing act right between being catchy and losing relevance. Although 140 characters may seem too small to promote your business, think again. There’s plenty of room for a creative and witty message.

2. Include a call to action

Dialogue tweets have a better effect than monologue ones. Send messages including polls, surveys and encouraging followers to leave feedback on your products/services. When your tweet is retweeted, you’re building consumer support whilst gathering more data.

3. Include links

Include a link to your website, to a new product announcement, or to a customer satisfaction survey. The link needs to be relevant to your content. Viral tweets create traffic back to your site, so make the most of this opportunity.

4. Tweet news

Keep your followers engaged by tweeting news related to your business and industry. It shows your position in the industry and increases your follower’s awareness about your services. ‘Breaking news’ is one of the most shareable types of content. The tweet below was posted after the 2012 American Election by Barack Obama. This is the most retweeted tweet in Twitter history. Whilst the imagery and wording are simple, the message is powerful. It amassed over 800,000 retweets.

obama tweet

















5. Avoid self-references

Don’t focus on ‘me’ and ‘my business’ too much. Your tweets will look like pushy sales pitches. Instead, focus on ‘we’ and ‘you’ aspects – remember Twitter is all about being social.

6. Timing is critical

Tweets have a short attention span, and an ill-timed tweet can be more of a miss, than a hit. As comedians say timing is everything, and Twitter isn’t any different.

7. Consistency is key

Your tweets are an extension of your company, and should portray the same points of view. They should be non-contradictory and non-controversial. Inconsistent tweets don’t reflect well for your business and you may lose followers in the process.

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