8 Promises To Make To Yourself

You could be the strongest, most resilient business person out there, but ultimately business is based on emotions; both yours and those you interact with each day.

If you want to make a difference in your life and the lives of those you care about, say these things to yourself every day. And make a promise to follow through on them:

1. Read between the lines

Behind many questions is an unasked question. People will ask a different question to the one they really want to know the answer to. It may be because they’re embarrassed, insecure or shy.

Pay attention so that you can answer the original question and the underlying one. The other person not only wants the answer, but probably needs it to.

2. Don’t wait

You don’t have to wait for someone else to help you in life. You don’t have to wait for that big break. You can try whatever you want – just do it now. Right now.

You may not succeed, but you tried.

3. Appreciate

Some jobs require more effort than skill – the lady who serves you at lunch time, the teenager who helps pack your bags in the supermarket – but it doesn’t mean to say they can’t be appreciated.

Say more than ‘thanks’ to people who work hard and don’t receive much recognition. Smile at them, make eye contact, divulge in a little conversation. It’ll make a big difference to their day.

4. Give explanation not direction

It’s easy to give someone a direction and how to do something. But this stifles their creativity and discounts their skills and experience.

Let another person decide how to do something. This shows you respect their abilities and trust their judgement.

5. Be grateful

Most people are unhappy because they focus on the not instead of the have. You think about what you have not achieved, have not done and do not have.

Concentrate on what you do have, personally and professionally. Of course, its important to continue to strive for more but remember to take a moment to realise that everything you do have is more important than anything you wish to have.

6. Look below the surface

People will make mistakes. And when they do it’s easy to assume they did it on purpose, they weren’t listening, or they didn’t care.

But try to look for a deeper reason. They may feel stifled, they may have no control, they might not understand. Provide empathy and understanding to help another person deal with the larger issue that resulted in the mistake.

7. Show Love

Love is a feeling, and feelings can often be selfish. Turn your feelings into actions. If you love your friends and family – tell them. If you love your work – show it.

When you make love a verb, people will know exactly how you feel.

8. Be yourself

Everyone worries what others think of them – it’s natural. No matter how hard you try you cannot be all things to all people.

Be yourself – it’s the one thing you can do better than anyone else.

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