9 LinkedIn Mistakes

Most people will understand how to present themselves on social media, but there’s always room to improve.

Here are our top mistakes when using LinkedIn. Make sure you aren’t making them:

1. You give only because you expect to receive

Once you have connected with someone on LinkedIn, you can write a recommendation about them which will be displayed on their profile. Which is great – unless you’re only doing it for selfish reasons.

Recommend someone because you actually want to, not because there’s a chance that someone may return the favour.

2. You don’t give at all

The key to great networking is giving, not receiving. Give some endorsements out on LinkedIn or click a few plus signs. Give back to those you are networking with. If you endorse someone else, you may show up in search results.

Let’s face it – everyone likes to feel good about themselves and endorsing someone is your way of giving back.

3. You wait until you have a need

You’ve put off making connections on LinkedIn, but suddenly you need something. If you wait until that point – you’ll likely be too late. Think about where you’d like to be in the future and make connections as you go with your plan in mind.

4. You forget where you are

‘OMGGG!! I just fell over the cat. LOL’ is not a suitable post for LinkedIn. Most people use LinkedIn for their professional sides. You shouldn’t use LinkedIn in the same way that you use Facebook or Twitter as a different set of people will be looking at your profile. You never know – a potential employer could be researching you. Better safe than sorry – keep your cat pictures for Instagram.

5. You ignore the signs

LinkedIn has over 200 million users worldwide and is being used as a news aggregator site more and more. If you manage to land an article on their news page, your site could be flooded with traffic.

LinkedIn now also lets you follow ‘Thought Leaders’, influential people across the world of business and the economy, who post original content.

Who knows where the future of LinkedIn lies, but hopefully soon you’ll be able to post your own content, and gain your own followings. Keep your finger on the pulse, and watch what LinkedIn could become.

6. You don’t share

As we’ve already mentioned, LinkedIn is a professional social network, however this doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Use your profile to share blogs, videos, articles or anything you fancy (within reason) which gives others a great opportunity to learn more about you.

7. You don’t care

Share things on your Activity feed and see how people react. Think of your feed as instant feedback, listen to what your connections like and don’t like. Make sure you read any comments, and thank people for their input.

8. You ignore your team’s network

Start building your network close to home. Your colleagues will have great networks, and chances are it’ll be similar to yours. If you don’t have a connection, look through your colleagues instead, chances are they will have the right connection.

9. You go generic

“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Boring. Yes everyone is busy, but spend a few moments personalising the generic message. Explain how you know that person or say something nice. If you’re trying to connect with someone, you must have a reason, so tell them what it is.

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How do you use LinkedIn effectively? Do you have any tips for us? Share your thoughts below.

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