9 Recruitment Lead Generation Mistakes

Leads: no business can succeed without them. They’re an integral part of any new business campaign, and you’ll need to find new ways of gathering leads, once the referrals have run out.

Avoid these 9 recruitment lead generation mistakes, and start to see your leads roll in.

1. Wasting money on fruitless marketing techniques

Take a look at your local business directory, you’ll find multiple recruiters advertising and trying to generate awareness to the readers of the directory. Surely the money spent on these ads (and the cost to run them month after month) could be better spent by reaching out to smaller, more localised groups of people.

General awareness ads produce a very low ROI (if any) and your efforts cannot be measured. Focus your lead generation efforts on tactics that will produce results.

2. Not including a call to action

Ads, emails, or any form of marketing, without call to actions are pretty useless. If your marketing does not tell the reader what to do – then they will do nothing.

People will accept an offer – a whitepaper, case study, article, book, research – from an ad. They will rarely see an ad, and pick up the phone and become a client. If only business did work that way…

Decide what the end goal of your marketing techniques are, and aim towards them. Are you looking for people to buy, sign up, or just learn more about you?

3. Inefficient decision making

If there’s one thing you and your colleagues will agree on, it’s that you want more business and you want it now. But decision makers usually can’t make a decision quickly. So they end up doing nothing, or wasting money placing ads in the business directory.

If you want more leads, don’t waste time, get out there are start your lead generation campaign.

4. Not being able to sustain techniques over time

Most business people want sales right now, but lead generation campaigns take time. Leads need to be nurtured over the long term so you are top of mind when the time of need arises.

Companies implement a lead generation campaign, and after two weeks begin impatiently wondering why thousands of leads aren’t rolling in. Just as you would with a new plant, allow the roots to develop, before you pull it up to see why it’s not growing.

Lead generation campaigns must be sustained over a number of months to make them work, and then they can be improved over time.

5. Poor implementation

Anyone can come up with new, innovative marketing techniques that will generate leads, but not everyone knows how to implement them correctly.

For example, you decide to run a seminar, so you prepare the content, put together the invites, and book the room. The day of the seminar arrives, but only two people turn up. You then say ‘Seminars are rubbish, they don’t work!’, well, they do work, but you haven’t implemented your strategy in the correct way.

Before embarking on a new technique, ensure you’re doing it correctly, and if you don’t know what to do, find someone that does.

6. Dropping leads

Don’t allow leads to fall through the cracks. Generally speaking, proactively generated leads are split into two categories: 25% are short term leads, and 75% are long term leads.  If you are focused on the short term, chances are you’ll be dropping those long term leads, that with a little bit of a push, could convert in the future.

Develop a long term lead generation plan to win over prospects that are not ready to buy right now. Lead generation is perfect for building relationships over the long term. Your brand needs to be in their mind when they’re ready to buy.

7. Not communicating your value

Recruiters often want their prospects to know how credible and reliable they are, and use marketing techniques that shout ‘I’m credible!’ which can sometimes work in the opposite direction and put prospective customers off.

If you want prospects to believe you, you must demonstrate that you are credible and reliable. To do this, provide value in your marketing and selling efforts. Every time you interact with prospects they are analysing how it will be to work with you once they are a customer. Help them to understand that becoming a client doesn’t change the relationship, and you will still be supportive.

8. Not integrating multiple techniques well

Lead generation is a multi-step process. It will take multiple touches to entice a prospect to buy your product or services. The touches need to be planned with a consistent message, at the right time, with the right mix of content and offers.

By offering different content, you’re ensuring that someone will be affected by your techniques. Not everyone will love a whitepaper, and not everyone will love a seminar. Test which content works well for your industry. Seminars, meetings, and downloadable content often works well for recruiters, as opposed to % off coupons and freebies.

9. Poor planning

Planning for lead generation is not something that happens, which is then set in stone forever. When it comes to marketing and lead generation, some tactics will work better than others, and you don’t know which ones will work until you’ve practised them.

Avoid these 9 recruitment lead generation mistakes and your quality leads will start rolling in.

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