9 Silly ways to be more productive

During your work day, you may find yourself suffering from the effects of fatigue, impatience and boredom. It can be hard to snap out of this state, especially if you have a long day ahead of you. You need to find new ways to boost your productivity so that you make the most of your day.

It is said that the act of smiling, actually fools your brain into thinking you’re happy. Your brain releases serotonin, tension is released, and you become less stressed.

It is also said that happy people are healthier. By changing your body language, you can trick your body into releasing ‘feel good’ hormones, which will give you a boost. Stop frowning, slumping and clenching your jaw, instead replace those actions with positive and empowering ones. This will release dopamine in your brain which results in higher levels of productivity.

But it’s not always easy to slap on a smile and get on with it. Start slow and break your current negative state by disrupting your brain with these 9 silly ways to be more productive:

1. Smile at strangers

Take yourself out of your stressful environment, and go for a walk. Smile at people you see along the way, and when you return to your desk you will’ve spread some happiness and you’ll feel recharged.

2. Dance

Get up out of your chair and have a five minute dance party. It’s fun when you dance alone, but get your colleagues involved to get your team a boost.

3. Get on YouTube

Find a favourite funny video on YouTube, and take a 5 minute break to laugh away the stress. Don’t get stuck watching cat videos though, make sure you get back to work.

4. Talk out loud to yourself

This may be a little uncomfortable at first, but many motivational speakers and self help books suggest doing this. Walk around a room reciting powerful affirmations to yourself, in a positive and confident voice.

5. Sing it out

Sing to your children or animals. Get your colleagues involved. However you do it, singing is a fun way to relieve stress.

6. Get physical

In the same way the dancing around your office will help, doing a series of jumping jacks will get your brain and body going, whilst burning off some calories.

7. Call a friend

Give a friend a call and have a quick chat. Hearing a voice that you love will boost your mood, and then your productivity. Cheer up someone’s day by saying ‘I love you’.

8. Cheer

Let out a ‘woo-hoo!’ and think about a goal or future event that will get your excited and geared up.

9. Be grateful

Think of a number of things that you are grateful for and allow the thoughts of those to show on your face.

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