9 Ways to Integrate your Email Marketing and Social Media

Since social media hit the big time a few years ago, many people thought the popularity of email marketing would take a dive. But nothing works as well together than Email Marketing and Social Media, so you will need to concentrate on a social media strategy.

Companies around the world have accounts with most social media networks, but don’t think of social media as a replacement for emails. As an email marketer you will need to learn how to integrate your Email Marketing and Social Media to exceed your marketing goals.


What are the benefits of inviting an email subscriber to engage with you on social media?


Including and promoting social sharing or share with your network options is important because:

- The more the merrier. If more people share your emails, you have more potential for opens, clicks and conversions.

- It gives you information. You will be able to see who has shared your email, how often, and the effect it’s had.

- It gives you opportunities. If more people see your emails, more people will subscribe.


Including and promoting social connections are also important because:

- They provide you with another platform. Every platform allows you to connect in a different way, ranging from videos on YouTube, to fancy pictures on Pinterest.

- They give subscribers more options. Everyone is different. Some people love to read emails from their favourite brands, whilst others would prefer to interact through social media.

- It doesn’t limit you. Take advantage of what’s out there. Communicate to customers through different networks.


There you have it. All the information on the WHY, here are 9 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing:

1. Include Social icons.

Make sure your subscribers can find your social media icons. Make them obvious and don’t stick them in the bottom corner of your email.

2. Tell subscribers what to do.

Encourage them. Don’t be afraid to explain what you’d like them to do. ‘Share this email’ or ‘Stalk us on Facebook’ are good examples.

3. Segment your social media.

Sometimes the call to actions in #2 aren’t enough. Create campaigns that are individual for the recipients. Send emails focused on a specific social site, encourage users to find and follow you on Twitter.

4. Give something back.

If you want someone to connect with you on social networks, tell them what they’ll get in return. It may be a discount code or money off if they share your email.

5. It works both ways.

Don’t just ask your email subscribers to find you on social sites. Encourage your existing social media followers to sign up to your emails or newsletters.

6. Highlight social media.

Post a relevant tweet or Facebook post in your email campaign. Ensure it is something that can be shared and interesting enough that people will want to share it.

7. Use an Opt-In form.

Facebook will allow you to create an Opt-In form to encourage users to sign up to your newsletter there and then. This may not be suitable for platforms like Twitter (not enough characters) but can be effective on others.

8. Don’t forget SMS.

This isn’t technically a social network but it’s another thing to consider when encouraging subscribers to get involved. Allow subscribers to text their email address to you as a way of signing up to your emails.

9. Use your blog.

Blogs can be forgotten about amongst the social media hubbub, but make sure to use your blog to mention, link to and ask for new email subscribers. It’s just another string on your social bow.


It’s time to strike whilst the iron is hot. Start using email marketing to encourage social media followers and vice versa.

Have you found social success using these methods? Or do you know any companies doing this effectively? Please share with us below.

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