Apple iWatch rumours are back

For quite some time now, there have been rumours about Apple’s latest technology venture. This rumour has reared its head once again, as some newspapers have suggested Apple is arranged manufacturers for the new device.

Historically Apple have dominated the technology market place, but with Samsung hot on their heels, it looks like they’re branching out.

Watches can be expensive, luxury items, so it seems fitting that a brand like Apple is considering a device like this.

At this moment it isn’t clear what the iWatch would be able to do. We can assume that the watch would run operating system iOS, which means it could handle notifications and would allow users to check information without having to pull their phone out of their pocket. The iWatch may also run Siri, if it does the watch would need to be tethered to the iPhone and use its data connection.

Both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have published articles on this over the last few weeks suggesting that something is being created.

It may look snazzy, but if these reports are true, would anyone have a need for a remote control for their phone with the time on it? Of course, we, like you will have to wait and see what’s up Apple’s sleeve.

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What are your views on the iWatch? Tell us your thoughts.  

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