Banish these 5 phrases from your business

Negative or pessimistic concerns affect everyone. What may start as an off the cuff remark, then slithers through your office like a snake in the grass, poisoning everyone and their positive mind-sets. The trick is to banish these harmful phrases to a vault that can never be opened, whilst motivating staff to stay positive at the same time.

1. “I can’t…”

‘Can’t’ is one of the most commonly used phrases used by people dodging responsibility. If a member of your staff genuinely ‘can’t’ do something, then it’s a training issue that can be resolved. But if that employee continues to say ‘I can’t do it’, then it’s a matter of choice. They’re basically saying they ‘won’t do it’.

Remember this quote from Henry Ford: ‘if you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right’. It’s all about the positive mental attitude.

2. ‘That’s not the way it’s done’

Like the majority of things throughout history, at some point or another, something changed. You need to be original and think outside the box for your business to standout. Keeping to the status quo allows you to stick to the current trend and may be easy, but it’s not an option if you’re looking to take your business to the next level.

3. ‘That’s impossible’

In this ever changing world, not much is impossible. People would’ve scoffed at the idea of mobile phones a hundred years ago, but it didn’t mean they were impossible to create. We are only limited by the limitations we place on ourselves.

4. ‘If only we had more money’

Most business owners dream about the endless opportunities they would have if they had a huge amount of money at their disposal. But unfortunately, not all businesses have Apple’s £150m cash reserve. So you’ll need to use your brain and get used to it. Remember though, Apple started in a garage with very little money.

5. ‘The problem is…’

The only time the word ‘problem’ should come up in your office is when someone says: ‘I’ve found the solution to the problem…’. Don’t mull over the problems you’re having, think of the solutions. The people who provide solutions are often the most successful business leaders.

By removing these phrases from your business, you and your employees can start to think positively, but that won’t be enough; you need to act positively as well. Lead by example and encourage staff.

What other phrases do you find destructive? Please share them with us.

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