Beyond Email: Part Two Automation

About our Beyond Email series

Beyond Email is a four-part series which aims to explore tools and techniques that are becoming ever more popular and necessary in the marketing industry today that helps you to support and strengthen your marketing strategies. Standard email marketing metrics are easy to measure but monitoring a contact’s movement through their customer journey after they have engaged with your emails can often be challenging. Throughout this series we hope to provide solutions to ensure you are tracking behaviour using tools and techniques such as segmentation, automation, web analytics and CRM integrations.

Part 2: Marketing Automation

You may have been hearing about marketing automation as it is progressively becoming more and more popular among the marketing industry but what actually is marketing automation?

Download the infographic to learn about the benefits of Automation.

Marketing automation refers to the use of a program to automate repetitive tasks, which relate to marketing activities. Automation enables us to connect different parts of the marketing funnel without physical interaction, this results in a managed conversational flow, that encourages focus and engagement.

Not only does it allow us to complete tedious tasks and resends but it also creates an effective working culture which is time and cost efficient. It enables us to collect data in a stylised and sophisticated manner, whilst using the data constructively and managing a customer’s journey without the need to intervene.

Automation gives us the opportunity to move away from the shot gun approach, which is not only impersonal but often can lead to pushing contacts away due to irrelevant content. As marketers we must move away from a 1 to many relationship and start to build a one to one relationship which can have a positive impact on your marketing strategy. Campaigns can therefore become more focused and use advanced techniques such as dynamic content to display the correct content, which relates to contact information, segmentation, automation and geographical campaigns.

There are many companies such as Amazon, EBay, Urban Outfitters, Clarks, Not On the High Street, Netflix and more that are already taking advantage of marketing automation. Whether it’s the welcome emails, thank you emails, suggested products, abandoned cart notifications or loyalty / discount offers they provide. Below are some great examples of how automation can be effectively used to create are personal and engaging experience for you prospects and customers.

Here are some examples of businesses who use automation well;



Want to find out more about automation? Read our full article here or watch our webinar on automation.

Automation is part two of our four-part series Beyond Email. Keep your eyes fixed to read part three or visit our resources page where you can out more about taking your learning Beyond Email.


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