Boost engagement on your LinkedIn Company Page

After conducting some social media, I was surprised to see how many companies were not using LinkedIn to their full advantage.

In a recent study, conducted by LinkedIn, 50% of current company followers say they are more likely to purchase products and services from a business they engage with through LinkedIn. So why aren’t more companies jumping on board?

An active and informative presence on LinkedIn can help your company massively, so you’ll probably want to know how you can improve engagement.

Here are five simple ways to boost engagement on LinkedIn:

1. Spend time in relevant groups

First, it’s worth spending a small amount of time finding out what your competitors are doing on LinkedIn and if they’re doing it successfully. This allows you to fill any missing gaps and may give you new ideas.

You should also spend time in the groups where your target market is engaging with each other. You will find out which type of content is suitable, and what other interests they have.

You will also be able to see which ‘Manager’s Choice’ article is most popular this week. Find out which comments and discussions are getting the most likes and comments. These discussions will help you discover new ideas and topics to cover on your own company page.

If you want to delve deeper into LinkedIn engagement, LinkedIn provides users with stats and figures – if you know where to look. Consider searching for specific topics in groups, and see how many search results are shown, this will highlight the popularity of a topic. Create a log of which types of topics and challenges are being discussed.

Top Tip: You can also analyse the group’s activity data. Click the ‘More’ tab, and select ‘Group Statistics’. Next click the ‘Activity’ link to see any trends in engagement. Knowledge is power.

linkedin group



Groups are also a great way of testing content before publishing it to your own company stream.

2. Post regular status updates

According to recent data released by LinkedIn, posting content in the morning is the best time for companies to engage followers. It’s also important to schedule updates throughout the day to increase visibility for those who are logging in later in the day.

Consider using a social media automation tool like Hootsuite to send updates when you’re not physically able to. It’s also a good idea to schedule posts over the weekend or in the evening when you aren’t in the office, or when visitor from other countries will be logging in.

Be careful: just because you’ve scheduled posts, doesn’t mean you can forget about LinkedIn completely. Remember to log in to check your stats for each post and to find out what works, and what doesn’t with your followers.

Top Tip: Create a spread sheet and log days, times and post impression count statistics. This will help you understand which day or times are better for your followers, and which content engages them.

3. Add pictures, files and links in your updates

You can now add images, files, questions, links and contests in status updates on LinkedIn. Images make your content stand out from the page, and definitely look visually impressive compared to a page full of blue and black links. Test which images make the most impact.

Posts with links included can attract hundreds of eyes to your post, so direct the user back to a relevant and useful page, such as an article on your blog.

Top Tip: Use LinkedIn’s targeting feature which allows you to target content as specific groups of people.

4. Promote your page on your website

A simple way to boost engagement is by promoting your page. Add a link to your LinkedIn Company Page on your website, and in your email signature. This tells customers, contacts and fans about your profile, and helps establish credibility.

Consider placing LinkedIn reviews or recommendations on your website in place of customer case studies. Of course, you’ll need to ask permission from the person who reviewed your services.

Top Tip: Test long or short recommendations to see which engages customers.

5. Link out to videos

On other social sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, posts that include links to videos have a higher engagement level than those that don’t. Engagement rates can be improved by up to 35% with the addition of video, so it may be worth trying this technique on LinkedIn.

If you have a company YouTube page, link out to relevant videos, or send help guides in the form of videos instead of PDFs.

Top Tip: Test which types of video works well for your company; help guides, humorous videos, internal Vine videos or simply something that relates back to your business or industry.


Do you have any tried and tested techniques for us to try out? Let us know below, or come and find us on LinkedIn.


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