Brands Effectively Using Email Marketing

Through this article we aim to explore current popular brands which are effectively using email marketing to capture their audiences attention through creative and engaging visuals, whilst also displaying a clear purpose and call to action for the user to lead them to the next step within their strategy. 

I have specifically selected brands in which I feel are captivating and have visually and dynamically used email to is maximum potential. Through the use of gifs, creative designs, themes and colourful fonts, the below are great examples of how you can effectively use email marketing to promote, capture interest and express your brand.


‘American Apparel is a clothing label known for its made-in-the-USA cotton basics in modern & retro styles.’

Here American Apparel use short and snappy text with a clear, bold, easy to read and easy to follow text. The concept of this campaign is clear, they have cleverly used a Gif that replicates the movements of a washing machine. This is not only visually and aesthetically engaging but it enables us as the viewer to quickly and effectively see the range of product colours they have to offer. Not only is their campaign simply structured for their audiences ease but the call to action is clear in prompting their customers to move from the email to their intended site page.

Well done American Apparel, you’re setting a great example!


ModCloth is an American online retailer of indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothing.’

I chose ModCloth to as an example as I feel that not only does it effectively display how to effectively use email marketing to sell a specific product but it also reflects how to successfully select an email template that allows your best product to shine. Their email campaign doesn’t just have a singular call to action but through offering more specific options you can capture data on your customers, enabling you to segment and filter the content which you choose to send to them in future.

ModCloth is a great example of how you can keep text to a minimum and visually speak to your audience through images. This allows the viewer to read with ease and locate their preferred call to action whether that be to find new arrivals, sales, spring dresses,  style gallery or their social media channel.

Great campaign!



‘Urban Outfitters, Inc. is an American clothing corporation operating across over 10 countries across the world. Its inventory primarily consists of women’s and men’s fashion apparel, accessories and housewares, which largely draw from bohemianretro, and vintage styles.’

Through other articles I have discussed the importance of list hygiene and here Urban Outfitters are a fantastic example of how to be savvy with you data and cleanse your contacts to create a better experience for your contact, whilst staying away from sending unwanted spammy content to unengaged contacts.

What struck me as great is how creatively they have gone about doing so. They have effectively used a quirky template to create a funky way for their customers to re-commit to their brand or opt out. They have avoided the awkward, needy tone and gone with satire to soften the blow.

One of the best opt out campaigns out there! I’d definitely suggest taking a leaf from their book.


‘Pret A Manger creates handmade natural food avoiding all the obscure extras common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today.’

Here Pret displays an interactive content feature, when you receive the email campaign the cup is empty, then once the contact clicks on the flavour the cup fills up with the drink type which has been selected.

I really like this campaign and find that the audience involvement creates a fun factor, whilst also enabling the brand to capture useful data on which drinks you prefer. Not only this but the simple and elegant layout they have used incorporates a tidy navigation bar, which allows the audience to select one of 4 clear call to actions.

The soft light colours reflect the refreshing product which is being promoted. A very well thought out campaign that has been perfectly executed.


Email Marketing has effectively been used for years and continues to develop and strengthen, the opportunities are vast and creative campaigns are endless! Make sure you are making the most of the resources you have at your fingertips, capture your audience and provide them with creative and engaging content.

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