Can cat videos help your sales and marketing strategy?

Cats have taken the internet by storm. Since the domain name was registered back in 2007, there has been a constant stream of YouTube videos, memes, and infographics dedicated to cats and their funny little ways. Internet cats are a viral sensation that won’t go away. So can brands ride their trail of success and turn it into sales?

We spend more time on the web than ever. Millions of hours of video have been uploaded to YouTube, and it’s increasing every day. Email memes are taking the social media world by storm and don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. But let’s be honest – they’re just another way to waste time. Or are they?

If they’re really so unimportant, why do we spend so much time, watching, creating and sharing them? Because we connect with them.

We take in so much information every day; we appreciate visually striking content that displays information in a new way. Every meme, GIF and silly video we watch allows us to look at our world in a new creative way.

Consider using these popular internet techniques as part of your sales and marketing strategy. The viral impact of this type of content is immeasurable. And brands climb over each other to create something that is sharable, and promotes their brand.

Here are 5 reasons your strategy should include cats:

1. Cats do the work for you

Remember the Cravendale advert? Cravendale milk launched an advertising campaign entitled ‘Cats With Thumbs’. The idea behind the ad, was that cats had thumbs and were now taking back the milk from human hands.

Cravendale also launched an ad which did not include cats, later the same year. On YouTube, the ad with the cats had over 7 million views, and the one without the cats, had around 200,000.

The Cats With Thumbs ad deepened the relationship between the audience and the brand. The brand saw sales increase by 8%, and was voted one of the Top 10 best commercials of 2011.

2. Cats create an emotional attachment

An emotional connection to a brand cannot be bought or sold – it is something that happens naturally depending on the person. Cat owners tend to see the animal as part of their family, and provide people with emotional comfort.

When a brand uses a cat, the person projects that emotional attachment onto the brand.

3. Cats use human emotions

If you’re a cat owner, you’ll be able to recognise your cat’s emotions, whether that is happiness, sadness, excitement or surprise.

This resonates through a brand’s campaign. Choose a cat picture that reflects the feeling of your campaign.

4. Cats get huge internet views

Six of the top 10 most popular animal videos on the web are cat videos. Grumpy Cat, the unhappy looking cat can attract 1.5 million unique visitors each and every month, and has over 1 million fans across its social media pages. The impact of internet cats is undeniable.

grumpy cat

Cats go viral with more frequency that any other animal. If you want your campaign to be seen and shared, throw in a cat – if it’s relevant, and you’ll grab people’s attention.

5. Cats have a massive following

If you do decide to use a cat in your marketing and sales campaigns, don’t make fun of them. People are genuinely passionate about cats (don’t believe me? Try telling a cat person that dogs are better pets…).

Treat them well, and use them in the correct context, and cats can become powerful ambassadors for your brand.

Pic source: Mashable.

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