Can your email signature really support your marketing strategy?

Being a marketer is not a profession, it’s more of a lifestyle choice. Every piece of correspondence you receive, every advert you see or hear, and every social media post by a business will be analysed and torn apart by the marketing mind, way before a ‘normal’ person would. But this is a good thing. We can see holes in campaigns where others may not, and of course, we’re always looking to improve everything we do.

One area where ‘normal’ people miss a trick is their email signature. As a marketer, your signature is just another opportunity for a call to action. Company employees may be missing another opportunity to spread brand awareness or nurture prospective customers with their personal messages.

But how exactly can you promote something in that tiny space at the bottom of your email? Read on…

1. Link to your website homepage

If your email signature features some kind of brand image or icon, make this linkable to your homepage. This will expand brand awareness, and your homepage will act as a landing page, so make sure your recipients knows what they should do. For example, do you offer a free trail? Make sure this is clear on the homepage.

2. Link to your blog

This is a great opportunity to show email recipients what you can do. Your blog will be updated with fresh and interesting content, more often than your homepage is. It will retain the visitor for longer, and promote your company as someone in the know. Again, don’t forget the call to actions to encourage them to take the next step. There are tools available that allow you to use an RSS feed in your signature, so that your latest article is displayed.

3. Don’t forget social media

Use this opportunity to do one of two things: include a link to your personal accounts, or to your company’s. Social media links are usually small icons, and won’t take up lots of room in your signature. This can help promote yourself, or build your organisation’s brand.

4. Promote a book

Have you, your manager or your CEO written a book? Don’t shy away from promoting it. Have a published book on sale shows that you really are experts in your field. It will build credibility and trust.

5. Conferences and events

Are you due to speak at a conference? Or is there an industry trade show coming up? Change your signature so that it reflects that. It may not encourage more people to attend the conference, but it will spread the word about the event.

6. Include your latest marketing offer

If you are an inbound marketer, chances are you’ll have some collateral lying around. EBooks, whitepapers, webinars; include the link to these freebies in your signature. First, identify your most successful marketing resource and use the chance to share the link.

7. Case studies

If you’re talking to sales people, what’s better than painting a picture for them using your case study? Highlight some key points, use statistics or even use a customer’s quote.

8. Include some industry research

In this overwhelming web space, people love a good fact or statistic. If you publish an industry specific report, consider including a link to it.

9. Promote any freebies

If your company happens to have a free trial available, or another type of freebie, like a game or online calculator, give it some promotion. Free online tools can engage readers and encourage them to be interested in your product or service.

10. Demonstrate your product

If you’re struggling for sales this month, why not promote it through your signature? Promote a free consultation, or even a demonstration of your product. Show your sales organisation that you’re taking advantage of all possible opportunities to help them out.


There is no need to include all of these ideas in one email signature. Of course, no one will stop you if you want to though! But your email will look overwhelming and will include too much information for your recipient to take in, and it will be too big and long for every day correspondence.

But hopefully, this has given you new ideas, instead of sticking to the usual; phone number, address and website. Why not rotate these ideas weekly or monthly?

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