Christmas email marketing automation

Using email marketing automation as part of your Christmas marketing is a fantastic way to target your contacts with the best offers.

Automating your email communication allows you to target your contacts based on their behaviour ensuring your messages are loved – even if you are not physically pressing the send button.

These four types of email automation will ensure you are making the most of the Christmas shopping window:


1. Sign up triggers and auto-responders

Sign up triggers and auto-responders are some of the best emails to use to get your contacts immediately engaging with your brand.

Firing out an email to someone who has signed up to your newsletter or site or submitted an online form, can have a major impact on response rates and unsubscribe rates.

Sign up triggers have some of the highest open rates as the contact is expecting the email, and is looking to find out more. Remember to be polite, tell them what to expect from your emails and add value wherever you can, for example, through an exclusive offer or download.

Your contacts will then see the partnership will be a beneficial one for both parties.

You can also use the opportunity to gather more data from the contact – ask them about their interests, their location or their buying history to begin to target future campaigns.


2. Event driven drip campaigns

Date driven campaigns are fantastic during the holiday period. There are multiple key dates through November, December and January, and by informing your contacts of upcoming offers through drip campaigns, you can get them excited and eager to buy.

By combining triggers with drip campaigns you can really make the most of the seasonal shopping window. Key dates to remember are:

-    Black Friday – the 4th Thursday in November. This year Black Friday falls on the 29th of November and is the Friday when most people are likely to begin their Christmas shopping.

-    Last posting day before Christmas – For first class post this is the 18th of December, for second class this is the 20th of December and for guaranteed special delivery this is the 23rd of December. See here for more information:

-    Christmas Eve – the majority of shops will be open but online companies may have closed up for the holidays.

-    Boxing Day – launch your Boxing Day sales with an automatic event email.

-    New Year’s Day – say Happy New Year to your contacts in style with a timely email and perhaps a special offer.


3. Behaviour based triggers based on email engagement

Behaviour based triggers are some of the most exciting emails to use as part of your arsenal. These are email campaigns that are sent based on the reaction of your contacts to a previous campaign. For example, if a contact engages with an email you have sent by clicking a specific offer link, you can then send a triggered email featuring more information on the offer, to further engaged them.

This means you can reinforce your brand further, whilst giving them extra incentives if they buy immediately, or you can guide them through a landing page which adds more value.

You can also send behaviour based triggers if the contact did not engage with the email. For example, if they didn’t click through on your offer within 48 of sending, you could send them a further discount to encourage them to take immediate action.


4. Behaviour based triggers based on website engagement

Another way to ensure you are sending the right type of email at the right time is through behaviour based triggers based on website engagement. This can refer to a variety of actions such as abandoning a shopping cart before completion of purchase, abandoning sign up forms before submission or following up automatically on purchases with confirmation emails.

Marketing automation works extremely well in this instance – the messaging is sent, but you and your marketing team don’t need to do a thing.

The abandoned cart and sign up form emails that you send will be dynamic and personalised to the person and their behaviour depending on the items they have placed in their cart and how far through the buying cycle they were.

An example of abandoned cart in action from ebay – after looking at men’s walking boots this email was sent (NB we didn’t build this email).



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