Christmas email marketing last minute tips

Nights are darker, the air is colder and the Christmas season is approaching. But the one thing we want to know (besides if you’ve started your Christmas shopping yet) is how’s your Christmas email marketing coming along?

You may have sent a Christmas themed offer, or you may be thinking about it – but one thing’s for certain – time is flying by too quickly and before you know it it’ll be Christmas eve.

If you haven’t sent an email yet – don’t panic – there’s still over a month to go until the big day, and you still have time to prep and send a campaign.

Here are our last minute tips for your Christmas email marketing:

Expect new website visitors and email subscriptions

1. Add a nice Christmas theme

At this time of year, it stands to reason that people are looking for deals left right and centre. Most people assume by signing up to an email newsletter that they will receive the latest offers, and exclusive deals. Add a bit of a festive touch to your website and email newsletter – and make sure any offers you send via email have a festive look and feel.

2. Include festive content

Change your welcome email or sign up process to include festive content. Include delivery information, opening hours over the holiday period, return policies and customer support information.

3. Test

It’s a very busy time of year for marketers, so you need to make sure your forms, preference centres and emails are rendering and working correctly. A broken form can put off potential customers.

Manage your email frequency

1. Add a preference centre

Consumers are bombarded with email offers and newsletters at this time of year. Include a preference centre so that your contacts can choose what type of email they will receive and how often.

2. Plan for your Hot Prospects

Hot Prospects are defined as those contacts most likely to interact and engage with your campaign. Target these people with special offers or exclusive content to get them to make a purchase.

3. Warn your contacts about Christmas emails

If you’re seriously ramping up your Christmas promotions, it may be worth telling your data set so that they don’t get annoyed and unsubscribe. Inform them of the promotions they’re likely to receive and remember to tell them about your preference centre.

4. Revise your language

Encourage your users to use the preference centre instead of simply unsubscribing. Better to have a contact receiving fewer emails than none at all.

Make life easy for your contacts

1. Using abandoned cart?

If you send an email after someone abandons a cart, why not send two or three to remind them that the offer still stands? Encourage the customer to take action now.

2. Continually update your information

If your opening hours or shipping times change unexpectedly, remember to continually inform your contacts. Use email and social media for these type of updates.

3. Include shopper tips

Tell your contacts where their nearest store is and where they can get money off certain items – make your contacts feel special!

4. Make your email mobile responsive

As more people open emails on the go, ensure your campaigns are mobile responsive for easier click throughs.

5. Use a simple call to action

Tell your contacts what they should do. Don’t confuse them with long call to actions, click here, buy here, shop now are simple straight forward call to actions.

Create a contingency plan

1. Remind staff of responsibilities

At this hectic time of year it may be worth reminding staff of their duties and your expectations over the Christmas period. What may be the best time of year for your company is a time of year when you staff may prefer to be at home.

2. Create a backup plan

If your email marketing falls short of expectations, make sure your email team are aware of quick changes, tweaks to campaigns and sending to different groups of people.

3. Review your corrections procedure

Ensure all of your staff knows what to do with an unhappy customer, your returns policy and any on-going offers and deals.

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