Conversational Email Marketing Automation – 8 Ideas for your Business

Conversational email marketing automation workflows allow you to hold a customers engagement through a series of campaigns in an organic colloquial manner.

Here we explore some campaign series ideas that enable us to connect with our audience by not only collecting preferences and data but sharing content at a convenient and relevant time.

Blog Subscription Welcome Series: 

A Blog Subscription Welcome series is triggered once a prospect enters their email address to subscribe, download or receive a piece of content. You can use the data you collect to further segment by topic, theme or content type. This would then allow you to send a series of automated emails to familiarise the individual with your brand and offer products or content that they are interested in receiving.

Lead Nurturing Workflow:

A lead nurturing workflow allows you to nurture your leads. Through the sending of relevant content with a smarter automation program you can nurture their needs and prompt them towards conversion. Lead nurturing not only enables you to collect data and build up a contact bank on that specific individual but it also creates a trustworthy bond between the brand and the lead.

New Customer Lifecycle Series:

Creating a rounded customer lifecycle series creates a flawless journey for your customers by leading them through the marketing funnel process. From acquisition to retention you can provide a personalised and perfected experience, learning the preferences of your customer and understanding their expectations and needs. Creating this experience will allow you to hold your contacts engagement and encourage them to be loyal, causing them to review, refer and return to your business.

Abandoned Cart Tool:

The abandoned cart tool enables you to encourage your prospect or customer to return to their shopping cart. This automation tool is a subtle prompter to simply remind your contact that they have left their cart without completing their purchase. From the use of this tool you are able to send further emails to prompt a purchase, possibly a discount code to encourage them to return.

Anniversary Campaign:

Using the data you have captured on your contact you can create automated birthday campaigns to be sent, on an anniversary or birthday. This allows your audience to feel appreciated and valued. You can also customise these campaigns using the data and preferences you have learnt on each individual you could offer them discount on certain products or would give them a small gift with their next purchase.

Re-engagement Series:

If a contact becomes inactive it is important to re-kindle the relationship that was once there. You must look at why this contact may not be interested in your brand, have you changed your products, your brand voice, your content or could it be that they no longer have a need for your services.

A re-engagement series allows you to establish this, you can automate a series of emails offering the contact to share their preferences, provide them with offers, discounts and incentives to re-interact. Should this fail then you should offer then a clear opportunity to opt out of your email marketing, this will then allow you to distinguish whether their decrease in interest is just a phase and they still want to hear what you have to say, or if they want to disconnect. If it is the latter not to worry, it’s best not to focus on inactive contacts and the last thing you want is to become spammy and annoying to your contacts. Sending to non-engaged contacts can mean you see an increase in ISP complaints or reduced delivery.

Purchase Transaction Series:

Transactional emails provide informative content to your customers, these are often automated and sent once an order has been made or a item has been dispatched. More often than not this is now a series of three emails. The first thanks you for your purchase and states what item has been ordered, the price you have paid and when it will be delivered. The second tells you that you order has been dispatched and it is on its way to you and the third confirms you have received the product and wishes you well. The third email may also include product suggestions or a review and referral program, up-selling and cross selling.

Loyalty Series:

A loyalty series allows you to provide gratitude to those customers who have made multiple purchases, often review your products or have been an engaged customer for a long period of time. This automated series lets your customers know that they are valued and appreciated, providing an automated personalised email that offers discounts or a limited or exclusive item helps your brand express your gratitude. Not only this but it will reinforce that you are aware of their commitment to your business and strengthen the relationship you have built over time.

Find out more how you can use email and automation to create conversational email marketing, that provides a personal marketing approach by downloading our whitepaper below:

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