Don’t ignore social media

Everyone and their mum has a social media profile these days. But some people still haven’t bought into the social media tsunami that has swept the business world.

Some business owners may believe that social media is a waste of time, as the ROI cannot be judged as simply as other means, email marketing for example. But other business owners love social media, and see it as a way to build the brand, rather than counting the pennies spent, and the pennies earned.

Whether, you love or hate social media, there’s one thing you shouldn’t do: ignore it. There’s no point hiding in your office and hoping it’ll go away – because it won’t.

Here’s what can happen when you ignore social media:

1. Conversations will happen with or without you

If you aren’t engaged in a conversation, it will happen without you. In an ideal world everyone would say nice, lovely things behind your back, but realistically that doesn’t happen. If you aren’t on social media you can’t defend yourself. If they can’t find you on social media, then they’ll talk about that too, which only amplifies their gossip.

2. The world doesn’t stop turning at 5.30pm

People will take to social media at the weekend, more so than during the week. And if you don’t have social media accounts, you may only notice complaints during normal working hours. Your complaining customer will only get more wound up when they can’t get an answer for 48 hours.

3. You can be easily hacked

If you don’t have a presence on social media sites, it’s only a matter of time before someone creates an account for you. Don’t allow a stranger to use your name for their fake accounts. It will damage your brand.

4. Competitors will get a leg up on you

By ignoring social media you’re allowing your competitors to provide consumers with something you don’t have. You will look out of touch and old fashioned, and your competitors will looks modern and current. You competitors may also jump at the chance to take your customers away from you, by using social media. And you won’t even be there to watch.

5. Your employees could damage your brand

Without social media, there can be no social media policy, which means your staff do not have boundaries when using social media in their personal life. If you do not set boundaries, you will have no support when a member of staff posts something potentially damaging on a social media site.

6. Affected search engine results

Your social media activity now impacts your search engine rankings. Without social media you could be missing out on potential customers find your product.

7. External companies needs monitoring

If you have outsourced your social media to an external company, it doesn’t mean you can forget about it all together. You need to provide them with guidance and monitor their activities.

8. Silence shows you don’t care

When an error occurs, for example, if your payment system is running slow, your website is down etc., customers appreciate a quick tweet to keep them in the loop. Your customers may still be frustrated at the error, but they’ll know where they stand.

The same applies for social media abandonment. A twitter feed with no recent tweets or a blog with no recent posts, shows that you don’t care about the impression you make, or what others have to say about you.


Consider how you’d like your customers to view you: are you helpful, considerate, informative, are you putting yourself in their shoes? Or are you not bothered, old fashioned and not concerned with the competition? Don’t bury your head in the sand – get a social media account!

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