Email Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Email is every changing and developing and many of us are already taking advantage of the power of email but often it’s easy to become complacent.

Here some tips on the do’s & don’ts of email marketing, which can assist you in the creation of a seamless email strategy.

Email Marketing Do’s

  • Track Metrics
  • Use A/B Testing
  • Segment your data
  • Check bounce rates
  • Stay current with trends
  • Personalise your messages
  • Be interactive
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Make unsubscribing easy
  • Be creative with your opt-out
  • Be clear, creative and clever


Our email marketing do’s aim to provide assistance in creating a strategy which is seamless. Not only do the above objectives strive to please the audience which you are targeting but through being specific and sophisticated the strategy has many benefits for both marketing and sales.

Email Marketing Don’ts

  • Ignore mobile
  • Forget spam laws
  • Buy lists
  • Push content to the back of your plan
  • Send emails without testing
  • Send spammy content
  • Send irrelevant content
  • Swap or rent your data
  • Forget about images
  • Use too many fonts, colours and sizes

Following our don’ts will allow you to avoid losing engagement and even contacts, it is imperative that you concentrate on the customer’s experience and provide them with nothing but simple, short and sweet content that can be digested easily and has a clear call to action for them to follow.

We hope you learnt something new from our Email Marketing Do’s & Don’ts.

Find out more about how to effectively use email as a key component within your marketing strategy here.


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