EE to expand 4G network to 13 more areas

The first and only 4G network in the UK is now available to only half of the UK’s homes and businesses. Carrier EE said it has switched on the network in 13 more towns and cities to hit to 50% of the population mark five months after the network went live.

The company said its network rollout would reach 55% of the population by June, and has claimed it’s speeding up this schedule.

Another 30 towns and cities are due to go live by the end of June which takes the total amount covered by the 4GEE network to 80.

EE is looking to make a head start in this sector above leading networks O2, Vodafone and Three. The biggest network providers have also secured the 4G suitable spectrum they need to roll out their own 4G networks.

Three’s CEO Dave Dyson said: “We’re in no rush to launch LTE. First we’ll see how 4G is positioned by O2 and Vodafone and look at how we position it. I’m fairly relaxed about it.”

O2 has said they expected to rollout the service in a ‘summer 4G launch’ whilst Vodafone was specific about its rollout schedule saying it would launch a 4G network ‘later this year’.

Having a 4G head start hasn’t benefited EE completely yet, figures show that 4G and 3G additions dropped from Q4 compared to Q3 in 2012. One reason for this could be that users are typically locked into a contract for up to two years, meaning that many may not be able to switch over yet.

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