Email Marketing and Social Media Integration: More fantastic examples

I last wrote about this topic back in the middle of August, and I showed you some great examples of email marketing and social media integration.

As companies begin to ramp up their email marketing efforts in preparation for the festive season, I thought I’d look through my inbox for any other examples. As part of my job I analyse email marketing campaigns, and try to improve them, and as such I’m signed up to almost every large company’s email newsletter (please let me know if I should sign up to yours!).

Unfortunately my inbox was not overflowing with fantastic examples, and I did have to search through around 600 emails to find these examples. This highlights the real need for brands to implement a social strategy with their email campaign. Please see my last post for more examples and some tips.

Here are a few more examples of fantastic email and social integration.

1. Office Shoes

Office have included a great social call to action in this email template. They are asking users to become social, and have provided the links. Very nice. However, what is the user to do when they get there? More instructions would’ve been nice, as typically, contacts needs to be told what to do.

Plus points: including happy customer quotes. It isn’t clear which social site these comments were made on, and a user name would’ve rounded this off perfectly. This helps other contacts associate themselves with the happy customers, and may drive them towards a sale decision.

office email template

2. The Body Shop

I like this email template for a number of reasons. Whilst it is very image intensive the overall theme is clever and cute and the call to actions are bright and encourage you to click. But I especially like the social section at the bottom of the email. The Body Shop is encouraging contacts to become social and to join the conversation. This approach really gets people talking, and ‘replace a word in a movie title’ is one of Twitter’s most popular forms of trend. One criticism for The Body Shop: they shouldn’t limit the conversation to just Twitter and Facebook. By opening it up to other social sites, more people will be reached and will be aware of the brand.

body shop email template

3. Graze

Not only are Graze’s email personalised based on my purchase history, they’re also personable and down to earth. From a writing point of view, the content is easy to read, and is aimed as though I am the only person to receive the email – which is how a B2C email should be. The social side of this campaign is left to the very end of the email (as with The Body Shop and the Office template) but it incorporates another social site, that the others haven’t – Vine. Graze’s Vines are informal, funny and creative, and do not try to SELL the product, instead they promote the brand. The text above the social icons ‘See more goings-on at graze…’ encourages me to get involved, whilst explaining that I’ll be the first to see behind the scenes gossip at Graze HQ.

graze email template

4. Babies R Us

Babies R Us have taken a different approach to email and social integration. By running a competition which contacts must enter via Facebook, they are encouraging new likers and social interaction, whilst capturing more data from their email contacts, which they will be able to use in the future.

The only downside to running a campaign of this sort is the lack of interaction with the website. An email marketing campaign will usually drive visitors back to the website in order to drive a sale, and by using retargeting banners the brand will be seen time and time again. The aim of each email campaign is different and your company may choose to send your visitors to your site or to your Facebook page as Babies R Us as done.

babies r us email template

Please feel free to tweet me @Wired_Marketing, or email me with any other great examples of email and social integration – the more examples we evaluate, the better our campaigns will be.

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