Email Marketing continues to grow

According to recent figures, email marketing continues to grow and acquire customers. Custora’s report – ‘Ecommerce Customer Acquisition Snapshot’ – found that email marketing increased the number of acquired customers by over 5% since2009.

According to the report around 0.88% of customers were acquired through email marketing in 2009. This figure grew to 6.84% of customers in 2013. The growth in the medium has been suggested due to its increasing popularity and reducing costs.

Jack Sturn, senior vice president of 4Cite said email marketing had grown since 2009 due to its low cost. He said the cost of direct mailing is around 60 – 70p per letter, whereas email marketing can cost around2 or 3p per email.

He also said more and more companies were investing in digital platforms, as more companies move into the digital space. He said: “[Marketers] are finding email marketing to be profitable as far as ROI.”

Quinn Jalli, senior vice president of digital services for Epsilon, said that more marketers are beginning to understand the different levels of consumer engagement. According to Jalli, marketers were historically poor at processing and understand email marketing metrics. However as technology improves and marketers begin to understand their results, they can bend their campaigns to reflect the results.

Mr Jalli also said that acquisition emails historically have lower open and click through rates as consumers are more wary of the correspondence they receive. Marketers struggle with deliverability and generating a great ROI, making email marketing unsustainable.

Mr Sturn added that urging consumers to buy through their smartphones was the next step, even though purchases through smartphones are on the increase. He said it is harder to gage engagement through email as consumers receive so much information every day. Marketers need to push consumers through the sales funnel with their emails.

Mr Jalli agreed with this and said the biggest challenge for marketers going forward, was sending marketing that was targeted to an individual customer, instead of a general send. He said: “As an industry we are still not doing as well as we can.”

Whilst email marketing is performing, and constantly improving, we as marketers must continue to use new techniques to grow our ROI.

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