Happy New Year: Email Marketing predictions for 2014

Here at Wired Marketing we’ve had a busy old year throughout 2013 – we’ve grown, we’ve learnt and we even have a snazzy new office.
The last year has flown by, and the start of a new year is the perfect chance to sit back, and understand the last year, and how we can progress in 2014. Email marketing is constantly moving and updating as systems and consumers constantly change. We’ve also seen changes to top email clients such as Gmail and Yahoo, and as such your email marketing focus may need to change slightly.
Here are our top email marketing predictions for 2014:

1. Segmentation

We believe that segmentation is the key to a successful and targeted email marketing campaign – you need to send something that your contact will be glad to receive. Try segmenting by purchase history, likes and dislikes or even by gender if you can. You don’t have to try something confusing and beyond your reach – just use the info you have in order to tailor the email to the contact.

2. Personalisation

The sister of segmentation is personalisation – with these two weapons in your arsenal, you’ll be sure to stand out from your competitors. As with personalisation, you don’t have to go overboard – there is a solution for all levels of knowledge and confidence. Try using a first name in the content and in the subject line to catch the contact’s eye.

3. Animation

Animation in email marketing is perfect for a B2C audience – it can also work for a B2B but you’ll need to put some thought into it. GIFs will render correctly in almost all email clients apart from Outlook (which is why you need to think about B2B as the majority of companies will use Outlook for their emails). A small layered animation can really make an email pop, and stand out. Your contacts will remember you for your fantastic email.

4. Continual increase in mobile use

Mobile devices will soon take over your typical PC. The number of people using these devices for their email use continues to grow year on year – as such you should always check how your email campaigns are rendering on a mobile device to ensure these contacts can view the content in their chosen device.

5. Live updates

This is something I’ve been looking forward to in email for a while. RSS feeds can be used in emails – so I always wondered why live social feeds could not be pulled through either. Hopefully in 2014 this will be resolved. This will link social media and email marketing in new innovative way – by looking at reports you will understand which of your contacts are interacting with your email, and then with your social accounts. It also makes email marketing feel more up to date – once emails have been sent they cannot be changed, and sometimes the information can be out of date. This new social angle will bring emails up to date with real time information.


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