Email marketing resources – what’s it all about?

Learning how to use email marketing effectively is not as easy as picking up other skills, such as using eBay for example. With eBay, you know what you want to do (buy or sell), where you want to do it, and how you will do it. And if you don’t, you are given step by instructions and are given certain boxes to fill out. It’s a simple system that can allow your products to reach thousands of potential customers.

On the flip side, with email marketing, you are venturing into an unknown area, and for your first few campaigns, it may seem tricky or overwhelming.

There are so many variables within your campaign, how do you know what the correct length of your subject line should be? What’s a good open rate? What on earth is a hard bounce?

Fear not, marketing explorer; there are a wealth of email marketing resources on the web, but how do you know which guidelines you should be following?

Here we will analyse the why, what, how and when of email marketing resources:

Why do I need email marketing resources?

Well frankly, why not? Within marketing every day is a school day. The marketing community like to share informative content with one another. Just search ‘email marketing’ on Twitter, and you’ll see conversations happening, resources and statistics being shared, and advice being freely given.

Using email marketing resources, allows you to gain another point of view. Be open minded and you can learn A LOT very quickly.

And let’s face it, if you’re stuck, you’ll definitely find help on Google.




What kinds of resources are available?

-  Case studies

Case studies will help you understand how email marketing providers work, right from the horse’s mouth. You’ll learn what types of other companies have used a particular service, and the kind of work they did. For example, if you are a retailer that sells handbags, wouldn’t you prefer to work with an email marketing provider that has had success with other handbag retailers in the past?

-  Whitepapers

White papers are documents that usually feature guidance, advice and reports on a specific topic, and are usually downloadable as a PDF from a website. Their name comes from the documents produced by the government on a future policy or Bill.

-  Blog

Most companies will have a blog. This allows them to step away from their corporate side and show brand personality. They may use the blog to discuss industry news, latest trends, or highlight specific areas of their business. Blogs are usually used as another free resource for the consumer.

-  Ebooks

Ebooks are used in a very similar way to whitepapers. They are usually downloadable and have more content than whitepapers, as they cover all areas of a topic, rather than one section.

-  Webinars/Presentations

Companies may use webinars or online presentations to showcase a particular subject, or guest speaker. You may have to pay to attend, or you may be invited, depending on the company. They are usually conducted through a live stream.

-  Best practices

Most resources will usually feature a best practice document. These documents try to settle some of the email marketing rumours, by explaining how campaigns should be sent. Of course, they’re only guidelines, and you do not have to follow them down to a T, but they are usually tried and tested methods.

How can I access these resources?

Over time you will learn which websites provide you with the best content, and you can set up RSS feeds or Google Alerts for a specific topic. But if you’re just getting started out, simply enter into Google the content you’re looking for, and you’ll be surprised at how much is available.

As previously mentioned, some content will be available for you on a web page, some will need to be downloaded, you may need to enter your email address to see content, or you may need to be invited.

When should I look at these resources?

Whenever you like! If you’re in trouble, or have no inspiration, it’s worth looking at available resources to see how other companies work. They may suggest something you haven’t thought of, or solve your problem.

How do you use email marketing resources to help your business? Let us know in the comments section below.

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