Email Marketing Template Tutorial: How to create a photo realistic iPhone 5 in Photoshop

How to create a photo realistic iPhone 5 in Photoshop

Have you heard about Apple’s brand new iPhone 5? There was alot of hype about it (as with any Apple product). So we here at Wired Marketing were so excited at the prospect of the new iPhone that we created an email template styled with an iPhone 5. To get even more involved we decided to share some more photoshop techniques in this tutorial and show you how to create a photo realistic iPhone 5. Enjoy!


1. Create the basic outline of the iphone by selecting the rounded rectangle tool with a 75 pixel radius. Then on one layer create your shape with #070607 as the colour.



2. Hold CTRL and click on the path on the shape layer to create a selection of the shape. Click ‘Select > modify> contract’ and set this to 3px. This will reduce the size of the selection. On a new layer fill the selection with # 1d252e. Repeat this step first with 1px and # 585f6e the next layer with 1px and #969696 final layer with 2px and #000000. This should give you a multi layered Iphone shape. On each of these layers apart from the black one on top click ‘filter > noise > add noise’. This will give the layers more of a textured feel.



3. Select the rectangle tool and create a screen in the middle of the phone. Next choose the ellipse tool and while holding shift drag a circle shape for the menu button below the screen. Open the blending options on the button and create a gradient overlay and a bevel and emboss



Next use the rounded rectangle tool to create a small square on the button. You should have something like below:



4. The speaker is next. Use the rounded rectangle tool to create the speaker shape above the screen. Then go into the blending options of the speaker and change the pattern overlay and outer glow to match below:



5.Create the glare on the screen. Hold ctrl and click on the path on the top iphone layer, this will create a selection of this shape. Next use the polygonal lasoo tool and click on ‘intersect with selection’ in the top left . draw a triangle with the lasoo in the top right corner of the phone. This should give you a selection like below:



Create a new layer and fill it with white. Then lower the opacity to 55%. Next choose the rectangle marquee tool and set the feather to 150px. Then select the bottom corner of the glare and keep pressing delete until you can’t see the corner.


6. Create the camera. Draw a circle, using the ellipse tool above the speaker. Use #969696as the colour. Do this two more times with increasingly smaller circles, First with # 0c0c0d as the colour and next with # 080f2b as the colour. Merge these layers and then click filter > blur > Gaussian blur with 0.9 pixels.



7. Next add the side buttons to the phone. Using the rounded rectangle tool, with a radius of 1 pixel, draw three side buttons on the left and one on the top of the phone. Next add a gradient to these buttons from dark grey to light grey, the angle of the gradient for the top button should be different from the other three. Add satin as well with the settings below:



8. Finally we can create the iPhone style menu. Use the rectangle tool to draw a bar across the bottom of the screen. Add a gradient to this with the settings below:



Add a small rounded rectangle on top of the first rectangle. Add the same gradient, and a bevel and emboss as shown below:



And there you have your photo realistic iPhone 5.



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