Embedding tweets: How and Why

Twitter now allows users to embed tweets on their website or blog – and we think it’s a great tool. If you’re an avid follower of The Insider, you’ll notice we embed tweets on our weekly Top 10 Tweets of the Week post. Before twitter implemented this feature, we had to screenshot and paste the tweets – and frankly this new feature looks a lot more professional and is user friendly.

In this post we’ll teach you how to embed a tweet, and why you should be using this technique for your own business.

How to embed a tweet

If you haven’t seen an embedding tweet before, here’s what it looks like:




Embedded tweets can help your business in a multitude of ways. Customer testimonials are easy to showcase, as are promoting events or blog posts. It also makes it easier for potential followers to find you, follow you, and retweet you without leaving the page.

1. Find a tweet you wish to embed, and click More. You will see an Embed tweet option appear:

embed tweet 1

2. Once this option has been clicked, you will see a HTML code that you can copy. You will also see how the tweet will appear once embedded.

embed tweet 2

3. You can then paste the code onto your desired page or blog post. When you save or publish the page, the tweet will appear as the preview and will be interactive. It’s really simple.


Why you should embed tweets

1. Use customer testimonials

Gone are the days of a flat webpage including why your customers love your business to much – you can now embed a tweet in which your followers offer their praise and gratitude. Because the world of twitter is so fast paced, it’s easy to get your fans to write a little tweet about how much they love you. And because you are limited to 140 characters it won’t take up much room on your blog either.

I searched for ‘great customer service’ and this was the most recent tweet I found. A tweet like this would look great on your site or blog, and helps potential customers to take the next step. Place tweets on your testimonials page, or near the end of the sales funnel to give users and extra push in the right direction.

2. Use tweets to back up your statements By backing up your statements with tweets, it helps your users understand where you plucked that fact, figure or piece of advice from. Use reputable sources from your industry. 3. Encourage social shares When you include a form of other media in a tweet, once it is embedded it will be displayed. For example, see our tweet below which includes a Slideshare. The user can review the content without being taken away from the page – a great example of usability.


4. Promote an event or webinar

Whether you’re running an event a webinar or even a tweet chat, embedding a tweet widget is a great way to get your followers excited. To do this, follow these steps:

-   Search twitter for your desired term, or hashtag.

-   Change the filter to all, and click the Settings wheel to embed your search.

-   Copy and paste the code to your desired location.

New users can also add a comment to the widget, meaning more people engage with your post and your social accounts.

Remember: these tweets will be shown on your site, and cannot be moderated, so be aware of negative tweets being displayed. Use your social customer service knowledge to help these users if this happens.


How else do you use embedded tweets? Let us know below, or tweet us @Wired_Marketing.

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