Four reasons you should manage your customer data

If you haven’t worked it out by now, your every move online is being tracked. It is then monitored, analysed and dissected by anybody that can get hold of your information. This is known as Big Data.

Think of all the information that you post online, status updates, uploading pictures and videos, contacting friends. All of this has encrypted information, which when it’s in the right hands, should hopefully improve the future of business.

Once you have learned how to access and collect the data, you can use it to your advantage. For example, Netflix knows what films or documentaries have been watched and liked, and can promote related content to the correct people easily.

Your company may not have the same resources and man power of Netflix, but there are simple ways you can manage and control your customer data:

1. Bought data is not as effective

Buying data is simple, and quickly allows you to create a customer list. But bought data is not always cheap or reliable. The best way to contact people who love your business, is to collect data from your existing customers.

2. Build customer relationship

Without a relationship, you won’t be able to collect any data. Provide customers with great content and promotions to keep them coming back for more. And nurture your consumers, even before the point of sale.

3. Management tools are easily accessible

Gone are the days of spending lots of money on expensive tools. New tools for data management are constantly entering the market place, and may be a better option for a smaller business.  Be certain that YOU own the data, and not the tool you’re using.

4. Data is valuable

Grow your loyal customer base and keep them happy with useful content. Your good and valid customer information will put you ahead of other companies who are looking to reach out to your customers.


Because of the sheer amount of data that’s out there, it can be heard to know where to begin – especially if Big Brother is watching. Companies must manage their own data, if you want to use it effectively to succeed.


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