Google Introduces their New Image Search Function

Towards the end of May, Google changed a few things. Firstly, they released new algorithm Penguin 2.0 which relates to social media and new search technologies. Secondly, they introduced spoken search on Chrome, and thirdly, they changed how image searches are viewed.

alphabet block new search

















Google is aiming to display images in a way that ‘makes discovery seamless’. Whilst this does not affect marketers directly, it’s definitely something to bear in mind. Additional value may be placed on infographics or fantastic imagery and other visual content in the future.

Google’s new search function sorts images based on the user’s queries, essentially eliminating the need for tagging. New technology recognises elements of photos that enter them into specific categories, such as food, or specific recognisable locations, such as Tokyo or New York.

Users can also search images by uploading an image URL.

new google images














Google understand that user’s expectations are constantly rising, and aims to deliver an optimal experience when possible. Brands should pay attention to this changing landscape so they can develop content which fits Google’s ideas, before other brands

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