Grow your Email Marketing List

What email marketer wouldn’t like more active list members? These are people who directly opt-in to your emails and are excited about receiving your messages. They are out there, but you need to reel them in. Here are some points to think about if you’re hoping to grow your email marketing list:

‘What’s in it for me?’

First of all, use your existing contacts. Make them an offer they can’t refuse if they refer a friend. Reward your ‘sharers’ with coupons, discounts and access to special content.

Use social media

Create call to actions for current members to share on their social platforms. Make it easy for potential recipients to find you and spread the word.


Interact with your customers. Post questions on Twitter, respond to tweets, Facebook posts and enquires or agree to write a guest blog post.

Make good decisions

If you are looking to find potential customers, you need to know where to look. Invest in adverts where potential customers will see them.

Grammar is important

Write coherently. Nothing turns people off more than the wrong there, their or they’re. Don’t allow your writing to distract readers from the real content.

Show me

If you’re emailing details of your burger restaurant, then I want to see an image of a yummy looking burger. I want to be able to share the discovery of an amazing new restaurant with my friends. Make your content suitable for the type of business you are.

What other tricks do you use when growing your email marketing list? Let us know below.

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