Happy Birthday to me! 5 Fantastic Birthday Campaigns

Birthday Automation: Make your contacts feel special on their Birthday

For this month’s blog post I thought it best to focus on the power of sending a birthday campaign to your contacts, as it was my birthday last week!

As I am a ‘savvy subscriber’ I knew I would (or should) receive some fantastic emails in the days and weeks leading up to my birthday. You may have experienced this yourself when you sign up to your favourite brands’ email campaigns. The company will usually ask for your date of birth and then you receive an offer just before or around your special day.

Over the last few months at Wired we’ve been loving our new automation program builder, which allows you to build your own automatic campaigns saving you time and stress, but did you know you can also build and send a birthday campaign? I’ll come onto how to do this in your own account shortly, but before you can send a campaign, you need to make sure your template is bright, stands out, encourages engagement and make your birthday girl or boy feel special. Here are a few examples that I received in the last couple of weeks and what I liked about them:

1. Pizza Express

Unfortunately, you may not be able to see this within our blog post (you may be able to view it here) but this email was animated in a really nice way. The candle flickers and the wine pours continuously (imagine if that were real!) – and this really caught my eye.

pizza express email marketing

Another really great thing about this email was the plain text version. As any of our clients should know a plain text campaign is important for those contacts who may choose to not download your images, thus avoiding the risk of spam. A plain text email is usually boring, but Pizza Express created this:

pizza express plain text

2. TGI Fridays

I really liked this campaign for the use of personalisation. Whilst it does remind me of my birthday (as if I would ever forget!) the top sentence flows nicely and the personalisation is seamless. This campaign also entices me with a great offer that isn’t just for me, but my friends too. I think this is a great way of pushing the brand passed the edges of your newsletter sign up contacts, and into a wider group of contacts or word of mouth referrals.

FireShot Capture - Special treats to celebrate your birthday at_ - http___us9.campaign-archive2.com_

3. Giraffe

Giraffe’s emails always stand out to me, because I’m involved with the brand (and really like their food). I loved how this email campaign was slightly different to what I have received in the past – their logo in the top left is usually a cute bird, but this time I have my very own birthday balloons! My only criticism would be (as you will see) I got offered a lot of booze for my birthday! I guess a lot of people would be more than happy with a free bottle of Prosecco, but how about offering a free starter or desert for those that don’t like to drink? Just an idea.

FireShot Capture - Giraffe email_ -

4. Café Rouge

I love the simplicity of this email – and I’m not saying that with bad connotations. It’s obvious what my birthday treat it, and I’m instructed with a simple call to actions. Again, I am being offered booze (are these companies trying to tell me something I don’t know!?) and I would probably have appreciated a free meal as an alternative. My one sticking point with this campaign is the lack of personalisation – my name would have been nice at least!

FireShot Capture - Café Rouge_ - http___links.mrmcaferouge.mkt5032.com_servlet_MailView

5. Harvester

Taking into what I’ve said above I’m sure you can see why I have picked this email. I’ve got (almost) everything I need: personalisation (on the image too! Well done Harvester’s email team) of my name and also my nearest Harvester plus a choice of desert. The only thing missing from this campaign is a dynamic design, but that can be easily rectified once you’ve cracked the basics.

FireShot Capture - Your birthday treat is waiting – don’t _ - http___communicatoremail.com_gPJsxYj

What do you think of the templates above? Have you received any fantastic birthday campaigns that you can share with us? Email me or tweet us @wired_marketing!

Did you know you can send automated birthday campaigns in your Wired account using email marketing automation? Check out our automation video below, and feel free to book a demo to find out more.

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