Happy Birthday Twitter

Today Twitter is celebrating turning 7 years old. The social networking site has 200 million users worldwide and an average of 400 million tweets are sent every day.

Twitter, which restricts messages to 140 characters, was launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and was originally call ‘’ and then ‘twittr’, before evolving into what it is today.

Dorsey says he was inspired to create the micro-blogging site by signing up to blogging service LiveJournal in 2000, he then spent the next six years refining his idea for a ‘more live LiveJournal. Real-time, up to date, from the road’.

When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, tweeting on the move became more popular. Users had a chance to tweet where they were, who they were with and share pictures.

Now millions of people use Twitter to campaign, share and discuss news, fundraise, challenge authority, or try to catch the attention of their favourite celebrity.

Lucy-Ann Holmes runs a Twitter based campaign aimed at ending the Page 3 feature in The Sun newspaper: “On Twitter everyone is so accessible – you can tweet anyone. With Facebook, you have to be friends with them first. I utterly recommend Twitter - it is so warm and alive.’’

Author Neil Gaiman says: “The problem with Twitter – which is the power of Twitter – is that you are publishing into the world. It’s out there with the same power whether you have one follower or whether you have three million followers. The joy of Twitter is that it’s a stream, you step into it, you step out of it.”


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