How 7 of the UKs mid-size retailers use Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic way for brands to keep in touch with customers and prospects, not to mention it’s a free tool.

Social media has paved the way for a new kind of communication. Brands no longer have to hide behind their shop fronts, or their websites. They can communicate with the world and say ‘Hey! Over here, come and shop with us!’.

However, whilst many brands are utilising this tool, there are still some who lack the social side of social media. We’ve all seen how brands use Twitter to self-promote and churn out marketing messages, but this type of strategy is not good for the long term, and your followers simply won’t engage. Brands should be looking to add value, on top of their normal sales. Offer industry news, show your personalities, and use social media to actually connect with customers, instead of churning out the same content as your competitors.

Today, I am looking at 7 of the UK’s mid-sized retailers, and how they are currently using Twitter. These retailers have been picked at random, and vary in size and products.


1. And So To Bed

mid size and so to bed











And So To Bed use a friendly, down to earth voice on their Twitter feed. As they’re a bed retailer, they have plenty of idioms to go out without sending their followers to sleep (sorry).

They use their feed to promote their website, the latest offers, and their presence on other social media sites. They also post images of their creations, and other interior design related posts. This type of retailer can really benefit from a variety of social media sites, such as Pinterest, and I’m glad to announce that And So To Bed are using Pinterest, Google + and Facebook.

2. Cyberdog

mid size cyberdog











Cyberdog are a fashion retailer and focus at bright, modern and quirky products. They use their Twitter feed to promote their online store, and they offer insight into the internal running of the company, by posting pictures of their staff.

They use a young, friendly and informal tone and voice, which is reflected on their website too.

Cyberdog have almost 3000 followers, which highlights how having personality allows consumers to relate to you. Their brand seems to be aimed at the younger generation, which is perfect for Twitter.

3. George Fisher

mid size george fisher











George Fisher is a retailer that specialised in walking equipment, and their based in the Lake District – what could be more fitting? I like how George Fishers uses their account. They promote their own products, but also promote the surrounding area and other local businesses.

This why I love social media. George Fisher are using their feed to add value to consumers by posting information, that may not be relevant to everyone, but shows how important an online community can be.

I would like George Fisher to post some images of their products, and maybe link out to a product dedicated board on Pinterest.

4. Hippychick

mid size hippychick











Hippychick specialise in children’s nursery equipment, but their service doesn’t stop there.

What I really like about Hippychick is, you guessed it, the added value that they offer to followers. Not only are they using social media to promote their business and products, but they also offer advice for parents and competitions. When I looked at their twitter feed today, their most recent tweet was ‘How to soothe a crying baby’, which will resonate with their followers.

Their followers are receiving advice, from a friendly person, as well as the latest nursery products. This means they are more likely to remain engaged, and pass the information onto other parents. Fab job Hippychick!

5. Tredz

mid size tredz












Tredz is a bike shop based in Wales. I also really like how Tredz use their Twitter feed – they offer products and competitions, in the same way that other retailers do.

Tredz also connect with their customers on a personal level. They are friendly and courteous to any customer who enquire, and post tweets as though they are tweeting to one person, and not 2000 followers.

They start discussions (‘Do you name your bike?’) and from looking at their mentions, they have some very impressed customers.

6. Natterjacks

mid size natterjacks













Natterjacks combine their social media presence really well. They link out from their Twitter feed onto their Facebook page, on which they have images of the latest products. This ensures your followers from one social network will follow you on another, increasing brand awareness.

Natterjacks also reply to their customers, and chase up orders through their feed – exactly what retailers should be doing for their customers. Customers often head for a social media page, rather than a website these days, so your customer service needs to be obvious and fantastic.

7. Donna Ida Denim

mid sized donna ida











Donna Ida Denim is primarily a women’s clothing website, and these types of stores are very popular on social media because of their audience. Clothing retailers such as Asos and Topshop use Twitter in a similar way. They offer insight into the business, show the latest products, and have conversations with their followers.

The tone used on this feed is down to earth, friendly and slightly cheeky. I also really like how Donna Ida link out to Instagram, other websites, and use appropriate hashtags.


Overall, we’re very impressed by these retailers. They’re using Twitter in the correct way, and are interacting with customers. I only wish they linked all their social sites together, linked out to them, and had more of a presence on Pinterest.

Pinterest is an excellent tool for retailers, and can really boost engagement, as well as sales.

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