How a PS can support your email marketing campaign

Using a PS in an email marketing campaign is becoming one of the fastest growing techniques, as more and more companies begin to understand how a simple line can boost your campaign.

Postscript, otherwise known as PS, comes from the Latin post scriptum, meaning ‘written after’. But cunning marketers aren’t adding an extra line under the sign off because they’re forgetful.

They’re doing it to add a final thought, and to say something important to their contacts.

So how can you use a PS within your email marketing campaign?

1. Use your PS as bait

Use this opportunity to explain the main selling point of your product or service from another angle. Email users tend to skim the majority of a campaign, and may not read the body of the email, but a PS is sure to catch their eye. For example, if the body of your email explains about how much time and effort your product will save them, why not tell them about the financial benefits too?

PS. Remember: this product will not only save you time and effort, but it will also save you money – something no one can argue with – link to landing page -.

2. Add urgency

Email marketing is a great tool because of the immediate understanding marketers receive after an email has been sent. Once the campaign has been sent, it’s usually only a matter of days before reports have been generated. But because so many emails are sent every day, they can have a very short shelf life, so your messaging needs to encourage the user to take action, and to take action now. Use your PS to tell the contact what to do and why they need to do it quickly.

PS. The first 50 people who use this code: FREECODE will receive an additional 20% off. Get shopping! – link to landing page-

3. Be personal

A PS is typical used in personal mail, both electronic and direct. A PS in a promotional email adds a level of personality and adds to the overall personal feel of the email. And the contact will feel this, especially if you sign off your emails with a personal name, instead of a company name.

PS. There’s no obligation for you to make a purchase after trying our free trial. I would like to show you how our product can help – link to landing page -.

4. Include a Brucey Bonus

Using the PS for this purpose seems to be one of the more popular ways that companies try to entice contacts. Throughout your email copy you have told them about a product or service, in the PS give them a little something to sweeten the deal.

PS. If you book a demo today, we’ll give you additional training worth £250 when you purchase – link to landing page -.

5. Include a testimonial

Many B2B products often require some form of testimonial before prospects take the plunge to become customers. B2B companies often have higher ticket value and take longer to close the deal, and a testimonial may push them along.

PS. Did you say what John Smith had to say about this product? ‘We turned to companyname after struggling with conversions, but we’ve seen them rocket since using companyname’ Find out what others had to say here – link to landing page-.


These are just 5 examples of how a PS can help your email marketing campaign.

PS – did you see we have a free whitepaper to download for our lovely Insider readers?

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